This is Part 4 of 5 of Steven’s Dream Session With Scarlet for your reading and/or listening pleasure.  Read Part 1: Here – Read Part 2: Here – Read Part 3: Here

scarletlookingupMiss then proceeds to cum and teases me by allowing me to lick her fingers. Miss must be in a good mood because she brings her cum dripping hands to my mouth and I am intoxicated with trying to lick every drop. I am then untied and my cock and balls are released from the tight rope that have had them confined this whole time. I am instructed to keep the butt plug in my ass, to get dressed and Miss would then see me to the door. Miss sweetly says, “Goodbye slut, I will see you soon.” I turn and head for the car, amazed at the experience, uncomfortable with the plug in my ass and aroused beyond imagination and can’t wait to pull away. I don’t think I can wait to get out of the neighborhood before I will have to pull over on the side of the road and jerk off like the slut that I am.

Just as I am about to pull away Miss waves and motions for me to come back. Faster than lightning I turn off the car and rush to the door. She leads me back into the house and straight to her bed where Miss says, “Slut, I feel like cumming again. I want you to worship my body. Would you like to lick me until I cum in your mouth?” I beg and plead and finally, for the first time, I get to taste Miss’ pussy and I am in bliss.

Miss has her legs spread wide on the bed with my face buried deep in her sweet pussy. I want to please Miss soooo badly and all I can think is, “How do I properly please Miss? Do I lick slowly? Do I try circling my tongue? Do I use long strokes? Do I concentrate on her clit? Do I lick her asshole? Do I tongue fuck her pussy? What will please Miss?” All these thoughts are circling in my head when I am commanded to stand up. Miss sternly says, “Slut you’re not pleasing me, stand up and strip naked.” I stand and strip with my cock now aching at full attention and pussy juice covering my face. Miss can easily tell how much I love licking her pussy. Again I am blindfolded, arms bound behind my back and my cock and balls are again restrained and stretched tightly by rope and the plug is still buried in my ass. A spreader bar is attached to my ankles forcing my legs apart and the rope pulling on my cock is placed in my mouth and I am ordered not to let go. I am naked and needy for Mistress.

I am shaking, nervous when all of a sudden I am hit with the first blow and the pain shoots through my body. Quickly I realize it’s a flogger and she is aiming directly for my swollen, achy, full and very exposed balls. Miss laughs while I wince and mumble out a “Thank you Miss.” She continues to assault my body with the flogger, switching between my legs, chest, balls and the underside of my cock that is stretched and pulled by the rope attached to my mouth. My swollen cock starts to leak pre-cum as I balance between the pain and the pleasure. My mind is racing and yet numb. I want to reach out and hug sweet Scarlet. I want to give Scarlet a passionate kiss. I start thinking of all these innocent embraces and they are drowned out with laughter and giggles as Miss delivers each blow. Miss sweetly whispers in my ear, “Slut do you realize these are now my balls to do with as I please? Slut do you realize this is my cock to abuse or ignore as I please?” All I could manage was a “Yes Miss, thank you.”

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