This is Part 5 of 5 of Steven’s Dream Session with Scarlet for your reading and/or listening pleasure.  Read Part 1: Here – Read Part 2: Here – Read Part 3: Here Read Part 4: Here

After what seems like forever and yet a blur, I am lead over to the other side of the room and scarlet3pushed onto a bed on my back. Still blindfolded, arms bound underneath me, legs spread, anal plug in my ass and my now limp cock and balls still tied tightly. Miss takes the rope from out of my mouth and lowers herself down on my face. This is what I have been waiting for, another chance to hopefully please Miss and I am in complete BLISS. “Slut you have been a good boy, you have taken your punishment well and now I will reward you with my sweet pussy. Slut, do you think you can please your Mistress this time?” As she tugs on my cock with the rope. “Slut do you think you can get this pathetic cock hard again?” As soon as Miss spoke those words with my face buried in her pussy I was instantly rock hard again as she begins to pull and swat at my manhood with her riding crop. This time I feel like I am doing a better job and Miss continues to grind her wet pussy on my face occasionally giving instructions. We now develop a rythym and I think Miss is starting to really enjoy herself. Of course, me being a slut I want to cum soooooo badly but all I can do is think about pleasing my Miss as she begins to cum over and over again filling my mouth and covering my face with her sweet juices.

“What a good little slut you are,” Miss whispers as she climbs off of my face, she removes my blindfold and falls to the bed embracing me with a hug and allowing me to see her exposed amazing boobs for the first time. She cuddles me and allows me to lick and suck on her breasts for awhile as we both rest from experience. “Slut, would you like to cum today?” Miss whispers in my ear and all I can do is give her my sad, pleadful, puppy dog eyes and plead with her for release.

Miss thinks for awhile as she teases and playfully hits my cock. I am in bliss, pain and anticipation of my dilemma. “Slut, I will allow you to jerk off and cum but with a challenge. If you can jerk off and have your warm cum shoot all the way up to your mouth, I will think about allowing you to cum the next time I see you. If you don’t reach your mouth then you will not cum for the next two times that you please me. Do you understand slut?” “Yes Miss” I reply as she unties my arm and I begin to stroke my cock with abandon. The plug is still in my ass and my legs are spread from the bar as I try to lift my ass up off the bed as high as I can to give myself the best opportunity for my cum to reach my mouth. Miss can tell I am close and she stops me just as I am about to cum. The pain is intense, but I stop and begin to whimper and plead. Miss laughs and then says “Ok slut, you may cum.”

All I need is about five good strokes as I release and my warm cum shoots out of my body and over my chest and lands….directly on my face, dripping right into my mouth just as Miss requested. Like a proud slut I eagerly lick as much of my warm cum as I can reach with my tongue and present for it Miss hopin to please her. She smiles and says, “That’s a good slut. Eat all of that cum. You’re a good boy. Now get dressed and be on your way.”


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