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Now that I’m back in Florida full time for a while; I thought I’d freshen up some things around here. As you know; I’m listed on many of the websites that are offered in the LDW Universe. I’ve been taking you on a tour to some of my favorite sites ( The Daily Cock) and today I want to show you one of our most popular sites in the whole network……..

Suck Patrol

My Suck Patrol BioMy Suck Patrol Audio

I’ll give you a moment to think about what this particular site might be about. Did you figure it out yet? Let me make it easy; it’s for men that think about sucking cock. That’s pretty clear isn’t it? Of course; there are many aspects to it – I can teach you how to suck a cock, we can talk about your cravings, you cbananaan share with me your experiences and desires. There are so many hot facets to it!

Do You Want
To Suck Cock?

It’s ok to admit it; even if you’re just cock curious. Obviously this is something that many men think about; but I know you have your own thoughts and fantasies that you need to share. Don’t you? I’ve written a new bio for our popular suck patrol website and I’ve also recorded a hot new bio audio there that’s totally free to listen to; anytime!