Hi there! I thought it was time to do a little update for you! I am asked one question scarlet7more than any other……What’s your favorite type of call? I’ve answered this question below and have also made a fun new AUDIO for you to listen to if you prefer.

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Now, let’s get to the question at hand:

Mistress Scarlet; what’s your favorite type of call?

I get this question a lot; mostly during Skype (thescarletmistress) Messaging interludes with new or potential callers. Rather than retyping my answer;  I figured I’d save my fingernails some effort and ’type’ it all down so I can reference it later on!

I almost hate to use the word ‘favorite’ because I really enjoy such a huge variety of call types. The types of calls are as boundless as my imagination! The fantasy world inside my head can be explored during any and every call; leaving my ‘limits’ as elastic as the garter belt I’m wearing! Here are just a few types of calls to give you an idea of what I can provide:

~ Erotic Fantasy Role Play. I love to take on the persona of a woman in your fantasy. Whether she is an ex girlfriend, your wife, boss, professor, your naughty neighbor, a babysitter from your past, your auntie Scarlet, the sales girl in the lingerie shop, etc. You tell me who you ‘want’ me to be; and I will do my absolute mistress best to portray her (or him!).

~ Sensual Domination. What is sensual domination? It’s when you turn over control to a sensual mistress like myself and I encourage you to do things using my womanly tools (sensuality, sexuality, fingertips, words, skin, fabric) to entice you. Think of it as a lot of teasing and talking to get you to do what I want.

~ Cock Control & Guided Stroking. Oh yes, I want to own your cock! This is a really yummy call for me. Especially if you can show me on webcam! If you can’t though; I can close my eyes and imagine! Imagine some tease and denial; how close can you get to cumming without going over the edge? Let me find out!

~ Coached Cum Eating. I have some very loyal callers that are working on this right now. It’s a specialty of mine that I truly enjoy. If you’re tempted to taste your own spunk and eat your cum; give me a call and I will ‘help’ you along.

~ Coached Cock Sucking. I love taking my playmates head in my hands and holding him still while I watch a cock slide in and out of his willing mouth. Just. For. Me. If you want to take a cock for me; give me a call anytime.

~ Fetish Calls. I am a real life domme and I enjoy so many fetishes! I love fetish phone sex calls! I love practicing them with my callers; it’s as close to real time as you can get! Here are just some of the fetishes I am experienced in and enjoy: cbt (cock and ball torture), shibari (rope bondage/art), bondage, queening, spanking and flogging, impact play, mind fucks, sounds, chastity, giantess, and interrogation.

This list is just a sampling – if you do not see ‘your type of call’ here; that does not mean I’m not open to it. Please email me @ scarlet@enchantrixempire.com or on Skype – thescarletmistress anytime and let me know your interests.

I hope to hear from you soon! And remember; we don’t have to have a ‘call’; we can have a live chat/sexy texting session if you’d prefer.