Where Could These Go?

You LOVE touching your dick. But there’s something you love even better isn’t there? You LOVE when I tell you how to touch your dick, when to touch your dick, and whether or not you’re going to cum. There’s nothing I love more than to guide a cock to orgasm or to deny that orgasm. Your cock is my playground to explore and to tease. You have after all, given your cock over to me by now anyway.

After a while of teasing your cock and trying different things here and there; you and I might come to a point where we are exploring different fetishes. One of my personal favorite fetishes is C.B.T. If you’re not familiar with it; let me explain. The letters C.B.T. stand for Cock and Ball Torture/Teasing. Notice how the T may stand for two different things; at least in my world it does! C.B.T. can be amazing  and is so fun to explore. The intense adrenaline rush mixed with the gift or denial of cumming can create extreme feelings, emotions, and ultimately, release.

C.B.T. as I said can be for Torture or for Teasing. Of course; cock teasing doesn’t involve any pain whatsoever and is for pleasing and sensualizing the act of arousing your penis. It can involve different sensory play items like scarves, ice, etc. It can also involve stop and go games (tease and denial games), orgasm edging, counting, teasing, etc.

Now for the Torture part! For those of you who want to try a little more extreme cock control; we can explore some more hard core (or build up to it) C.B.T. Torture does involve pain of some sort although this is totally varied from penis to penis. You and I will talk about your limits and your tolerance before and during any play. We may start slow by just using a shoelace to tie up your penis and balls (like a cock ring) and stimulating it. Or we might try some wax play, ice play, binding and pinching, ball and cock slapping, and even more forms of C.B.T.

The truth is; CBT can and is very enjoyable. It’s the variety that makes the difference. Why don’t we talk about trying some new types of C.B.T. and find out what gets your cock rock hard while talking about it? If you decide to have a session like this; I’ve made an audio to give you some ideas of Cock Toys lying around your house: https://eroticaudios.com/content/Scarlet/scarlet-cocktoyscavengerhunt.mp3