I’m wishing YOU a very sexy, happy and fruitful 2020 holiday season! It’s certainly been a rough year and I can only say how happy I am that you’ve spent time with me! I appreciate you so much! I love being a bit of an escape, a way for you to indulge yourself and I always want to be that sexy secret friend to you! You’ve been asking me what I want for Christmas and I’ve made it super easy to go shopping for me;  Scarlet’s Sexy Holiday Wishlist on Amazon ! Pick out anything and it’ll be shipped right to me for the holiday – of course; e-gifts to scarlet@enchantrixempire.com are always appreciated as are cash virtual bouquets left with the dispatcher before or after a session.

I’ve got a couple of gifts for you as well – on Nov. 29th all 10 minute sessions are discounted to $18 and on Nov. 30th all one hour sessions are discounted to $125. We also have a Holiday Blog Train starting on Dec. 1st – where many of our Mistresses will be sharing a holiday themed blog post and audio – a new one for each day!

Thank YOU so much for helping make this a smashing good year! I want to make sure you can get yourself something hot and sexy – how about a perfectly packaged, enticing erotic audio made by – ME!?! Go see what’s available at My Erotic Audios List and treat yourself to some yummy stocking stuffers!

Since we’re talking about audios……………I do have a totally FREE Holiday Audio for YOU! T’was the Night Before Christmas (Scarlet style!)