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I know how much you love having a sexy texting/live chat session with me. It’s so naughty to sneak away to that phone or laptop and login to skype to find me waiting there for you (you do have me on skype, right?). When we spend time together in a live chat it’s just so hot! We can talk about anything that’s on your mind; we can fantasize, have a roleplay, talk about things you’ve done in the past or things you want to try. I think any fetish or kinky thought can be experienced in a sexy texting session….I really do! And let’s not forget that since we’re using Skype; I can watch you on cam if that’s something you want to add to the session! It doesn’t cost a penny extra and just in case you didn’t know………….I love it when you Get Naked On Cam!

The exciting thing I have to share with you about sexy texting/live chat today is that we’ve added a new time option! If you’re buying time at the sexy texting website……….you now have the option of buying a 15 minute chat session. I asked for this option to be added to the listings because I have found that sometimes 10 minutes just isn’t enough………….but 20 minutes might be a bit too much! So, right in that sweet spot in the middle is a great place!

Everything else is the same – it’s just this new payment option that’s been added – we can have a sexy live chat, I can watch you on cam, we can use the ‘voice call’ feature if we wish, etc.

In case you’ve never had a live chat and want to know how it works; I’ve written this walk through guide just for you: Live Chat How To!

Chat soon…..and don’t forget…..if you can’t have a phone or chat session but you still want to hear me; you can download any of my 43 .mp3 erotic audios right from our store – I have then ready and waiting for you right here: Scarlet’s Erotic Audio Store

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