Happy Holiday Season to you! No matter what you celebrate; I hope you’ll spend some of this season with me! I plan to be around and available all month long – let’s celebrate together! I’m accepting appointments through my Schedule A Session Form – and of course; if we’ve never spent time together before you’ll want to fill out my Pre-Call Questionnaire to tell me a bit about yourself and your kinks.

I know you may have come to my blog to see if I have any special ‘needs’ through the holiday; if I may need some spoiling or if there are any gifts in particular that I crave – thank you for checking! As always; my Amazon Wish List is the place to go – or you can leave me a virtual bouquet through the dispatcher (this is a cash tip) – or you can do something extra special and spoil the shelter animals for me! I’ve put a lot of items in my wish list that are actually things my local rescue needs – wet food, toys, scratching posts, etc. – I’ll personally deliver any items you send from my list right to the shelter for the holidays! Thank you!

I’ve compiled some of my favorite holiday themed blog posts and audios for you – a bit of a sexy christmas collection:

  • Christmas Cum-Cicles! This is from our 2020 Blog Train; want to try something totally new when it comes to coached cum eating? This is for YOU!
  • Show Off Your Package! An oldie but a goodie LOL how do you like to show off that package of yours, hmmm?
  • Big Packages For The Holidays – You can listen to this one or read it; how a former lover surprised me with a BIG holiday package!
  • Holiday Audio – Is that a candy cane in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? (you may have heard this on the hold audios!)
  • Christmas Panty Boy – Available for purchase – In this audio, I give my husband a very special gift……his very first pair of panties! I’ve always wanted a Panty Boy for Christmas!
  • T’was The Night Before Christmas – a free audio recording just for you.

Want to get your own fabulous holiday gift? How about a Custom Erotic Audio – you can either write me a script and send it to me to record or you can give me some ideas to work with and I can write a script and record the audio for you. I love making custom audios because they are a way to express myself creatively and really provide that perfect audio that will do it for you….every time! Reach out to me via email at scarlet@enchantrixempire.com .