Do you have a small penis? A tiny little clit? I don’t mean to be harsh…..well, maybe I do. You know who you are. You’re nodding your head right now wondering how I know about you.


Look At That Tiny Thing!

Men with small penises usually have some tell tale personality traits. Knowing that they are inferior to most men; they tend to take the back seat at functions and events. They are often the designated driver, driving their friends around in hopes of picking up some leftovers. They don’t have high power jobs or professions. In general, they are the weaker of the sex and learn this very early on. Just as an Alpha male looks around the locker room and realizes that he is so much larger, so does the small dicked man. Only this one realizes his inferiority. He, too, may soon meet women and get lucky enough to coerce one into bed. The excitement will soon be gone once his unknowing sex partner sees his miniscule package for the first time. Many men that have inadequate penises are unable to ever find a sex partner that’s willing to give it a try. Many of them are virgins well into their adulthood.

You may recall my blog post called ‘The Evil Escort’; all about the small penised man that called an escort only to be charged double once she saw his package. These stories happen all the time! I hear them in my erotic phone sessions time and time again. Do you have a humiliating story to share with Mistress? Did someone make you feel inadequate, laugh at you or reject you because of your tiny penis? Call Me and tell Me all about it. I love teasing a small penis.I want to hear. I want to laugh. Or, do you want to show it to Me? You could show me on webcam; I have a magnifying glass.

If you’d like a constant reminder of your inadequacy; purchase my Erotic Audio titled ‘Is It In Yet’? This is a ringtone so is under 1 minute and only costs $5. You can play it over and over just in case you forget how worthless your little dick is.