My body is a temple. I am a Goddess. You may wonder if I will allow you to worship at the temple. Do you think about that quite often?

Of course you do! Body Worship is a gift; a true present to the submissive male that wishes to service his dominant – his Mistress – his lover – his everything.

What type of body adoration do I enjoy? Let me list just a few of my absolutely favorite things to give you an idea:

1. Foot & Hand Massage: Allowing you access to just my feet or only to my hands keeps me in control at all times. I may stay fully clothed during this experience (think of a CFnm experience) to help you maintain your composure. Defining an area, giving permission to touch and explore – receiving your thoughtful focus on these body parts truly puts me in a relaxed space.

2. Back & Shoulders: Again; specifying areas of my body that you’re allowed to touch – to massage – to worship.

3. Full Body/Non-Sexual: Forbidding access to my breasts and pussy – allowing you to touch anywhere else in a non-sexual manor.

4. Queening: While more oral than body massage; queening is when I use your face as my throne – allowing and demanding you to service me. (See this blog post for more: Be My Throne)

5. Yoni Massage/Kundalini Awakening: For my more tantric appreciative playmates. I reserve this type of touch for those that I have truly connected with. This is a sacred massage; if you’re not sure – yoni is my pussy. Ask me more about this during a session if interested.

Of course; my entire body deserves worship. How will I allow you to worship me? Let’s talk about the possibilities.