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Scarlet Teaches Her Cuckold A Lesson In Chastity
Chapter 4 of 4

Mistress is upstairs in her bedroom preparing for her Alpha male suitor. As my anxiety grows, I finally see a set of headlights pullingI need a real MAN into the driveway. Mistress calls from upstairs, “Is my real man here to satisfy me?” “Yes Ma’am; I shall let him in,” I say. I open the door and greet him, “Welcome, Sir. Mistress is awaiting you in the master suite. May I fetch you a drink?”. As he takes his first step up the stairs, he turns to say, “Cognac, boy, make that two.”

Welcome, Sir.

Having been dismissed from the bedroom, I must have dozed off on the sofa. Had it been 2 minutes, 20, an hour, I didn’t know! Mistress was summoning me upstairs. “Yes Mistress, I’m here!” I said meekly. She looked me in the eyes with that sly grin on her face, “I want you to behold everything you are not, look at our guest!”  Mistress’s guest stood casual before me; an obviously powerful dominant Alpha Male; lean and muscular. MY GOD! Even flaccid his member was impressive in every manner. I noticed it was glistening with saliva and had the smear of my Mistresses trademark maroon red lipstick. She barked at me,”That’s quite enough. Stop staring at his magnificent cock you pathetic poor excuse of a man! Now, strip and go sit in the corner so you can see how a woman truly gets pleasured.” I do as I’m told.

I do as I’m told.

She whispered into his ear, just loud enough to be heard, “Take me now…Hard, deep and rough!” Without hesitation, he grabbed her scarlet tresses and used them as a handle to grip her. He easily flipped her onto the bed, as she gasped in surprise. He pulled her to the edge of the bed; tore her black laced panties off effortlessly; and used the red stiletto heals as handles to drive her legs backwards. He plunged his now marble hard and saliva slick massive cock into her. She initially winced in pain from being stretched so far and filled so deep. Her expression quickly turned to ecstatic heavenly pleasure. It was raw, primal, instinct driven sex. With every wet sounding stroke; his cock seemed to disappear deeper into my Mistress. This was a real man.

This was the real man She needed.

As I took in the sight, I realized just how insignificant I am as a male. My cock strained painfully against its confinement. My penis went flaccid at the realization of my worthlessness as a man and how easily I am replaced. As I was contemplating my numerous inadequacies, I heard Mistress beckoning me yet again, “Come here my cuckold in chastity, kneel next to us…I want you to see a real man’s orgasm.” I crawled over quickly and did as told.

As every muscle in his body tenses, I imagine his cum driving deep into my Mistress. I can see his balls literally pumping semen into her. He pulls his drained member from her and lay upon the chaise lounge with a semi erect glistening but still impressive manhood. Mistress sat up, lifted my face by one finger under my chin and said, “My dear you do have value tonight,” as she continued to say,  “You need to clean Me. When you are done with me you can clean our guest’s cock off and bring his member back to life, because we are going to do this until dawn…”.

You need to clean me.

I eagerly knelt between her thighs to fulfill her requests. Understanding that this was my place now.  In chastity and cuckolded for as long as my Mistress required it. I’m so grateful for her wisdom and her willingness to teach me these needed lessons. I lap at her folds and taste the Alpha male upon her as her fingernails grace my hair. “That’s a good cuckold clean up boy. Next, you’ll be a cock fluffer. I knew you would take to these lessons well. As always, I was right.”

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