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Scarlet’s Updates ~ News ~ Thank You Notes ~ Schedule

Did you notice? To the right in that box it will show you if I’m available for a sexy texting session, phone session or both! This is updated every time you refresh the page. Also, I have a new pre-call questionnaire that you can fill in online. Check it out! Pre-Call Questionnaire

Update: I have fallen in love with hand made BDSM paddles that are on – I’d appreciate gift cards from there at this time rather than from amazon. Thanks!  (Here’s the link for gift cards – send to )

I can’t believe it’s August already! Where has the summer gone? It’s still warming up here in South Florida; a typical day ends with a thunder storm with lots of lightning. Florida is the lightning capital of the country you know. I love listening to the sound of the rain in the evening with the storm rolling over. It’s very sexy. Want to climb into bed with me and weather the storm?

I have been a very spoiled Mistress this summer! So many gifts have come my way and I want you to know that I appreciate YOU. Thank you. I received some lovely skin care from clinique, a wet/dry vaccuum from a mystery man and a gorgeous dark blue new bag by Zac Posen from my slave ‘m’. Of course, your generous virtual bouquets (this is what we call a cash tip here at LDW) have been amazing – thanks!


Looking for me? The fastest way is to IM me on Yahoo – enchantrixscarlet – or send me an email to schedule an appointment. You can always come right here to my blog and see if my ‘sign’ says ‘Available’ (green) – ‘Away’ (red) – or ‘On The Phone’ (yellow).

As you already know; I’m a Mistress with eclectic tastes. You can enjoy browsing my Amazon page or if you’d like to spoil me with cash or e-gifts; visit the Spoil Me page to find out how!

Did you know that we offer a ‘Just Talk’ website? It’s true! It’s called Talk To Me and you can find me listed there: See Scarlet’s Talk To Me Profile.

Are YOU following me yet on Tumblr? You should be! I post lots of pictures, re-post other Mistress’s pics and more! Follow Me On Tumblr

Did you know I can watch you on Skype or Yahoo? Show off for me on cam anytime we’re on the phone; I love watching!

Want to hear my voice anytime? I have 48 audios available for you to purchase and listen to over…and over….and over! See them all and hear samples HERE. I also make Custom Audios; you can provide me with the script or I can write it for you. Message me to discuss.

I look forward to talking with you soon!

XOXO ~ Scarlet

Yahoo Chat – Available Without A Phone Call!

Listen to this Blog Post – Read by Scarlet

Have you heard of Sexy Texting? It’s one of my favorite features here at LDW and I’d love to take you on a little tour of how you can have live, online only chat with ME! Look over to the right of this blog post and you’ll see my ‘Sexy Texting’ availability now 24/7! Know if I’m available by phone, by sexy texting or for both at anytime.

Sometimes you might not be in the mood for a phone chat; or perhaps you don’t have the privacy. Yet you find yourself craving the control and domination ,sensual tease and denial or just a chat/conversation with your favorite Mistress! How amazing would it be to get laptopchatto spend a little one on one alone time with me; right on your computer or on your smart phone? You can have just want you want through our Sexy Texting service. Through sexy texting you can purchase a block of time (10 minute minimum) and you and I can chat for that amount of time right on Yahoo IM! We can talk about anything there that we’d talk about on the phone. I’ll be all yours for as long as you want! There are discounts for larger blocks of time as well; just look at the pricing page at Sexy Texting.

The first thing to do of course is to find me on Yahoo Instant Messenger with the username enchantrixscarlet – you can add me there even if you just want to schedule a phone call or ask me a question. Yes, I do also offer the same service on Skype; however, I don’t stay logged into Skype so you’ll have to email me if you want to do something there (

It’s REALLY important that you contact me on Yahoo BEFORE you purchase a block of time. Just message me and ask if I’m available for a sexy chat and I’ll let you know my availability and schedule.

Once we’ve confirmed that we’re both available; it’s really simple! You just buy a block of time and we chat right on Yahoo IM (or Skype) for that amount of time. No dispatcher, no phone! Just the two of us.

Here’s a tip: If you have a webcam; YES, I can even watch you on cam while we chat! Just give me a heads up that you’d like to show me your cam – there is no additional charge! (You do know that I love to watch don’t you?)

I hope to ‘hear’ from you soon to set up a very private, sexy texting session soon.


FREE Phone Sex – July 29th! 10 Minutes For ALL!

banner-nIt’s yet another FREE CALL day on July 29th! We have had two of these in the last thirty days – how lucky are we?!There truly is no easier way to get free time with me 😉 You can call in for a ten minute quickie or just add the ten minutes to a longer call – completely up to you!

I love to celebrate Cock Control! I encourage YOU to use your free minutes coupon!

If you haven’t been to cock control in a while (it’s our most visited website out of the over fifty fetish specific sites that we offer); take a look at it using your mobile and see all that we have to offer! I love that we are in the ‘digital realm’ and making it easier and easier for you to have the hottest phone sex possible.

So, how do you get this $27.50 in FREE phone sex with absolutely no strings attached; just hot and naughty phone sex!? It’s easy!

Who Can Get It?

Anyone who has EVER called and paid for our service in the past can take advantage of this offer. Seriously; even if it was several years ago and it was just a ten minute call – YOU get 10 Minutes in free phone sex.

How Much Phone Sex Do I Get?

$27.50 worth absolutely FREE on EACH day (that means you can call once per day and get the freebie each day!)! Seriously. That’s literally ten minutes of your call that you won’t be charged for. Call in for 25 minutes; only get charged for 15! It’s really an amazing offer and I hope you’ll take advantage of it.

How Do I Get It?

Call on July 29th anytime and let the dispatcher know you’d like your free call time and be connected to the LDW Phone Fantasy Mistress of your choice! I will be available quite a lot – I encourage you to call if you see me available here on my page (watch for the green ‘Available’ sign on the right column of your screen); because it’s sure to be a very busy day. You can also set up a ‘call back'; just ask the dispatcher when you call in!

Cum Eating Challenge: Tower Of Loads!


Listen to this blog post: Read by Scarlet

Did you know that I am a cum eating coach? It’s true! I have been helping men eat their own spunk for many years now. I can help you, too!

I’ve boasted in the past to have a better than 90% success rate when it comes to cum eating training. That means that someone that calls for the first time and has never eaten their cum; will end up with cum in their mouth by the end of our call – 90% of the time! I think that’s a pretty high success rate! Truly, if you already know that you are craving that semen; we’re halfway to the goal of beginning your cum addiction!

Today I want to offer my cock control lovers, blog subscribers and LDW readers the opportunity to really challenge themselves.

Warning: This is for experienced cum eaters ONLY!

Don’t try this for your first time!

This cum eating challenge is called: Tower of Loads! It’s part of my personal fetish of having you save multiple loads of cum and slurp them up in one sitting. In this challenge you’ll follow the instructions below and ultimately call me to complete the task! I guarantee many orgasmic explosions!

Cum Tower Challenge Instructions

Here Over five nights (no, they do not need to be consecutive); you are to masturbate and yes, you are to cum. When you cum I want you to collect every drop in a ziplock baggie. Put the ziplock baggie into the freezer. You’re to do this five times – five loads. Shoot your load into the same bag each time; literally piling it on top of the last load! Just take the baggie out of the freezer for your masturbation session and add each load to it. Yes, it’s ok if you have more than five loads for me by the time you call!

I recommend emailing me prior to our call to let me know that you’ve completed the first part of the challenge and are ready for the final step! You are also welcome to post in the comments section below with your success stories! I’d also love to hear about your favorite cum eating games and challenge ideas.


The Stroker From Down Under

Read this blog post: Scarlet Reads The Stroker From Down Under

Hi there my kinky blog readers! Rarely do I find myself talking about actual people that call me. I like to keep my time with you private; just between us. However……

Sometimes there’s a caller that is just begging – wanting – needing to be talked about. Craving that exposure. Absolutely erect with anticipation of seeing his name on my blog. Today, my lucky stroker is Matthew. I’m calling him…..

The Stroker From Down Under

That’s because Matthew is from Australia (like in my last blog post – he has an australianpantiesamazing Aussie accent – g’day!); so I say he’s from ‘down under’. Now, Matthew is no stranger to phone sex, as a matter of fact I think he’s quite the phone sex addict. But that’s not all Matthew is addicted to. You see, Matthew is quite fond of his dick. So fond of it in fact that he plays with it for hours every single day! He’s a very frequent masturbator and he’s very experienced in edging during masturbation! Sometimes, he even plays with……

Dirty Girl’s Panties!

Yep. You heard me. Sometimes Matthew likes to take dirty panties and rub them all over his dick! Oh what a dirty pervert! Now everyone knows what a panty fetish he has! Just the other day Matthew called me and he had a fresh, filthy pair of panties with him. I believe they were sheer purple panties. Or maybe they were hot pink with black lace trim? I get my panties mixed up. Anyway; he told me he could literally see that the crotch was still moist. I listened to him inhale deeply and then the moaning started. Did you know that a person can actually moan with an accent? It’s true! I can’t help from laughing my booty off when I hear his anxious grunts and groans as he gets closer to making that big mess in that pretty little…wet….panty…..crotch. What a bad boy!

G’day Matthew!