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Scarlet’s Updates! Schedule & News……….

My Current Schedule:

January 2018 – I’ll be around a LOT! Schedule an appointment to make sure!

I do most sessions BY APPOINTMENT: email me ( or skype me (thescarletmistress) – otherwise; just call me when you see my line is ON (see that sexy phone on the right side of my screen? It tells you what my status is – red means I’m not here, green means you can call me, yellow means I’m busy)

What’s New? This is where I’ll be putting links to my guest blog posts, bios, audios, etc.

New Essay: Our Virtual Roleplay Lunch Date!redhairphone

**I created a new Amazon wishlist with recommended sex toys for YOU – Recommended Toys

** I have a new guest audio and blog post at Fem Dom Podcast – Want to Masturbate on Cam?

** My newest Shrinking Fetish themed erotic audio is available in the store! Shrinking Solution

Personal Gifts & Tips! Did you know; you can leave me a cash tip for our call? Just mention it to the dispatcher before we connect; or call them back after our call and they can add it to your charge. Also, I’m always adding new items to my Personal Amazon Wish List – or if you prefer I pick something out – just send an amazon e-gift card to – thank you!

Pre-Call Questionnaire: Don’t forget to fill out my pre-call form if you’d like me to know some things about you prior to our call.

Would you like to hear pre-recorded erotic audios? Here they all are: My Audio Store

I also make Custom Recorded Audios – send me a script and I’ll record it for you. Ask me about pricing.

~ Scarlet

Worship My Ass

It’s time for you to worship my ass.

Down. On the floor. On your knees. Now.

You heard me.

This isn’t about you. It’s not about your cock. It’s not about what you need or what you want.

This is about me. This is about my ass.

Wearing just a small, thin thong; I’m going to stand in front of you, merely inches from your face, with my hands on my hips and my feet spread apart about 12 inches.

You’re to sit there and just look at first. Just stare at my ass. Stare at the shape, the color, the texture. Gaze upon the curves of my ass cheeks, the freckles on my skin, the perfection of the crack of my ass.

Now, it’s time for you to lean forward. Press your face against my ass. Use your lips to kiss my skin. This is supposed to be worship; take your time. Slide your fingertip under my thong and pull it to the side. Press your nose right there; right in that slit. Breathe in. Deeply.

Don’t stop.

Keep going.

Worship. My. Ass.


Notes: I absolutely love Body Worship Sessions of all kinds – we can spend as much time as you’d like on every single part of me.

Shopping For Your Mistress

This is just a little note about shopping for your Mistress.

(If the shopping fetish isn’t for you – then please ignore this post and I can’t wait for our next call!)

Now, you already know that I love to be a Spoiled Princess. That much is true. However, I’m quite a refined princess. I love expensive things

Mistress Scarlet 1.800.601.6975

but I also love practical things. You know that my home is my sanctuary but it is also my den of desire, my zen space, where I entertain my friends and yes, where I like to play. While my wish list on amazon will always contain those beautiful things that I  know you can only fantasize about me wearing for you; it will always contain items that I need for my home, for my volunteer work at animal shelters, for my travel addiction, too!

You may wonder – will Mistress Scarlet be pleased with a set of wine glasses just as much as she would be with a new silk robe? The answer is…..yes. Yes I will be just as pleased. I put things in my wish list that I really desire; that I really crave. If you want to truly spoil me by shopping; then you’ll select the things I’ve placed there on my shopping list.

In case you’re not into shopping for your Mistress and you’d rather spoil me with cash – that’s also very easy to do during our next call. Just let the dispatcher know when she’s connecting us that you’d like to leave me a ‘virtual bouquet’ and she’ll add it right to your credit card bill. It’s so very easy. We can also do this during our call; I can send you back to the dispatcher to do it anytime.

If shopping or cash isn’t your thing but you want to spoil me somehow – you can always make me very happy by doing a call review on the Mistress Reviews website – I love hearing from you after our call and this is a wonderful way to let me know how much you enjoyed it.

Small Penis Humiliation Task: Magnum Condoms

I have an assignment for you and your little dick. I want you to be very, very aware of the type of cocks that I prefer over yours. This task will let you know just how very disappointing your cock size is compared to real men. I want you to feel completely humiliated.

You are to go to a store and visit the condom section. You’ll see quite a variety available but I want you to buy a box of Trojan Magnum condoms (you can also see them in my wish list on Amazon of course). You do know that Magnum condoms are made for Alpha cocks, don’t you? Oh yes; they’re designed specifically for the man that has the girth a woman needs in order to be sexually satisfied.

Now, you might find yourself getting excited when you step up to the counter to pay for these gold foil wrapped symbols of large men across the world… I’m going to add a further step………I want you to be sure to say, “these aren’t for me” to the cashier as you pay for them.


I expect you to have this box of condoms with you during our next scheduled appointment. Don’t disappoint me. I expect you to complete this task prior to our next small penis humiliation call. I mean it.

Want some more humiliation? Listen to my recorded erotic audios on this very subject:

Teeny Tiny Wager – Length:  4:49  Cost: $15
Mistress Scarlet wants to make a bet. Six inches or less than three inches? Care to play?

The Evil Escort – Length:  8:53  Cost: $27
The Evil Escort and the tiny dicked loser! He thought he was gonna get  laid! He paid for an entirely different experience!

Your Penis Is Too Small Honey – Length: 5:15 Cost: $18
Honey, it’s time you knew the truth. We’ve been married for three months and I just can’t stop thinking about it. You need to know. Your penis……it’s too small. I don’t want it anymore. I’ve got other plans. This audio is for the man that’s interested in small penis humiliation and cuckold scenarios.

Stroke For Me

I know you can’t wait to stroke for me.Mistress Scarlet - Phone Sex - 1.800.601.6975 -

The truth is; I love controlling your cock stroking. I was thinking about how much I enjoy it when I re-wrote my bio for one of our most popular websites: – this is where you probably found me that first time. You were itching to stroke. Needing to jerk. Having that urge to masturbate for a sexy woman like me. I know.

So I re-wrote my bio there and I also recorded a brand new audio for that site; just to freshen things up a bit and to remind you just how much I love it when you stroke for me! I bet you haven’t been on that site in a while; go ahead – check it out!

Of course; my fetish interests have expanded the whole stroking thing and masturbation can now include showing me on webcam! OH HELL YEAH! And just in case you’re wondering – NO – it doesn’t cost anything extra. It’s so easy to set it up; I wrote a blog post with instructions on how to use skype for showing me during our next session – it’s called ‘Show Me! I Want To See!

So. Are you ready to stroke for me yet?