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I have made a new audio for you called ‘Your Penis Is Too Small Honey‘. it’s all about a wife telling her newlywed husband that his penis is just too small to pleasure her. You can always hear my voice by purchasing one of the 43 Exclusive Erotic Audios I have available for you in the Enchantrix Audio Store!

The holidays are here and I know you want to be my sexy secret Santa! –  Visit My Holiday Amazon Wish List!

Did you know I can watch you on Skype or Yahoo? Show off for me on cam anytime we’re on the phone; I love watching!

Look for me on Yahoo – enchantrixscarlet – or send me an email to schedule an appointment. You can always come right here to my blog and see if my ‘sign’ says ‘Available’ (green) – ‘Away’ (red) – or ‘On The Phone’ (yellow).

Want to hear my voice anytime? I have 42 audios available for you to purchase and listen to over…and over….and over! See them all and hear samples HERE. I also make Custom Audios; you can provide me with the script or I can write it for you. Message me to discuss.

Have you been thinking about giving Me a call for the first time? I recommend clicking on the link above – Pre-Call Questionnaire – fill that out and email it to me. That way, I’ll know more about you when we connect for the first time.

I look forward to talking with you soon!

XOXO ~ Scarlet

Your Penis Is Too Small Honey! – New Audio Available

I’ve made a new audio for you; it’s called ‘Your Penis Is Too Small Honey‘. You can find it in the  Enchantrix Audios store along with my entire collection of Exclusive Erotic Audios.

All of my audios were inspired by a phone fantasy call that I’ve had or a particularly memorable caller. I have an audiologoentire list of ideas that just keeps on growing with every new kinky, naughty story I hear! The inspiration for my newest audio, of course, came from a caller we’ll call ‘little one’.

Little one calls me about once per week and he always turns his cam on for me so I can be reminded of exactly how he earned his name. I’ll never forget the first time I saw it, I had to giggle so hard I put my hand over my mouth! Of course, little one relishes in the sound of my laughter and he does whatever he can to keep me amused. I do love my cam entertainers!

Little one told me about the night when his wife of several months finally admitted to him that his penis wasn’t satisfying her. Now, personally, I can’t imagine how she could have waited so long to tell him, but it is what it is. She revealed the truth to little one and from that moment forward; their relationship changed. He was completely humiliated by his dominant wife! She began to cuckold him and started sleeping with a stud co-worker. Soon, little one found himself in a full time cuckold relationship with a hot, sexy wife! Good for him! See, there is hope for men with small penises!

I hope you enjoy my recreation of the conversation that may have happened between little one and his wife….or between you and yours!

I also make Custom Audios – do you have an idea for a hot audio? Something personal with your name in it? Just email me and let’s talk about it!


Ms. Delia and Ms. Scarlet Play in Florida

When Two Mistresses Get Together (a guest blog post by the lovely Empress Delia!)

Masturbation Mistress Delia 800 601 6975

Mistress Delia

There is no subby who is safe! Last week, some of the Mistresses of LDW got together and I was able to bring Jack along with me! He was such a dutiful submissive, chauffeuring many of us around, making sure all of my needs were taken care of…and not just mine. Let’s just say Jack was a used and abused slut by the end of the trip! I think my favorite time was with the sexy Ms. Scarlet.

I Thought I Had A Strap-on Collection!

Let me tell you, Ms. Scarlet’s selection certainly rivals mine! Over lunch, while Jack was doing some other stuff, Ms. Scarlet and I decided to give Jack a spitroasting experience. I went back to the room, and got Jack naked and ready. Then Ms. Scarlet showed up – with her strap-on selection! Big ones, small ones, thin ones and thick ones. I had Jack get down on his hands and knees before me, and swallow my big, black cock. He serviced it just like I taught him!

Ms. Scarlet Straps It On

As you may have read in her post, Ms. Scarlet was just drooling watching Jack’s ass wiggle in front of her, just begging to be filled! I watched her strap on her harness, snugging it around her hips, and then she began looking over her collection. I almost thought she was going to pick out her biggest cock, but she settled on a 9-inch long dildo. As she ran it down the crack of Jack’s ass, and centered it up on his slut hole, he actually shivered!

Oh, you want to know what happened next? You’ll need to listen to the audio! All I can tell you is my subby hubby made Ms. Scarlet and me very proud!

Lipstick Blowjob

It’s time for an erotic story……..let yourself imagine this…..

You’re sitting, naked, in a chair. Your legs are open, your hands on the arms of the chair, your cock is in need of attention.lipstick

I’m standing five feet in front of you. I’m wearing a red balconette bra with sheer lace cups. My nipples are dark and hard underneath. My matching red panties are covered at the waist by a black garter belt. The tops of the silk black stockings are attached to four elastic straps hanging down each thigh. Black strappy pumps are accentuated with slender ankle straps and tiny gold buckles. My long legs seem to be a mile long in these sexy high heels.

I stand there for a moment just letting you take it all in. I step forward until I’m standing right between your legs. My fingertips graze the tops of your thighs. The hairs standing up on them and your cock reaching out to me.

I reach into my bra and pull out a black slender tube of lipstick. I slip the top off and unroll the lipstick. The well worn stick has the shape of my lips already in it as I slide it across my bottom lip. Following the shape and opening my mouth I let it form the arch at the tip of my upper lip. Rolling the lipstick back down and capping it again, I set it aside and focus my eyes on you. My lips roll together and rub the lipstick evenly. My tongue slips out and slides against the slit of my lips.

I pucker up and wink.

Bet you’d love to feel these freshly painted lips on that hungry cock of yours.

You tug at your binds but are unable to reach out to stop me from turning around and letting you watch my ass as I walk out of the room……………..

(just a little cock tease and denial; I hope you enjoyed it!)

What Are My Favorite Types Of Calls!

Hi there! I thought it was time to do a little update for you! I am asked one question scarlet7more than any other……What’s your favorite type of call? I’ve answered this question below and have also made a fun new AUDIO for you to listen to if you prefer.

Just some reminders……

I love posting blog posts and I try my best  to post two fresh ones often just for your reading (and sometimes listening) pleasure. If you’re not a subscriber; just look for the ‘subscribe’ box on the right side of your screen. Once you’ve subscribed; you’ll get a sweet little email every time I make a new post.

Note: Mistress really loves interaction! Utilize the ‘comment’ function at the bottom of each blog post to leave me a comment, to ask a question, or to leave me a compliment!

Now, let’s get to the question at hand:

Mistress Scarlet; what’s your favorite type of call?

I get this question a lot; mostly during Instant Messaging interludes with new or potential callers. Rather than retyping my answer;  I figured I’d save my fingernails some effort and ’type’ it all down so I can reference it later on!

I almost hate to use the word ‘favorite’ because I really enjoy such a huge variety of call types. The types of calls are as boundless as my imagination! The fantasy world inside my head can be explored during any and every call; leaving my ‘limits’ as elastic as the garter belt I’m wearing! Here are just a few types of calls to give you an idea of what I can provide:

~ Erotic Fantasy Role Play. I love to take on the persona of a woman in your fantasy. Whether she is an ex girlfriend, your wife, boss, professor, your naughty neighbor, a babysitter from your past, your auntie Scarlet, the sales girl in the lingerie shop, etc. You tell me who you ‘want’ me to be; and I will do my absolute mistress best to portray her (or him!).

~ Sensual Domination. What is sensual domination? It’s when you turn over control to a sensual mistress like myself and I encourage you to do things using my womanly tools (sensuality, sexuality, fingertips, words, skin, fabric) to entice you. Think of it as a lot of teasing and talking to get you to do what I want.

~ Cock Control & Guided Stroking. Oh yes, I want to own your cock! This is a really yummy call for me. Especially if you can show me on webcam! If you can’t though; I can close my eyes and imagine! Imagine some tease and denial; how close can you get to cumming without going over the edge? Let me find out!

~ Coached Cum Eating. I have some very loyal callers that are working on this right now. It’s a specialty of mine that I truly enjoy. If you’re tempted to taste your own spunk and eat your cum; give me a call and I will ‘help’ you along.

~ Coached Cock Sucking. I love taking my playmates head in my hands and holding him still while I watch a cock slide in and out of his willing mouth. Just. For. Me. If you want to take a cock for me; give me a call anytime.

~ Fetish Calls. I am a real life domme and I enjoy so many fetishes! I love fetish phone sex calls! I love practicing them with my callers; it’s as close to real time as you can get! Here are just some of the fetishes I am experienced in and enjoy: cbt (cock and ball torture), shibari (rope bondage/art), bondage, queening, spanking and flogging, impact play, mind fucks, sounds, chastity, giantess, and interrogation.

This list is just a sampling – if you do not see ‘your type of call’ here; that does not mean I’m not open to it. Please email me @ or Yahoo Instant Messenger @ enchantrixscarlet anytime and let me know your interests.

I hope to hear from you soon! And remember; we don’t have to have a ‘call’; we can have a sexy texting session if you’d prefer.