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Scarlet’s Updates ~ News ~ Thank You Notes ~ Mistress’ Schedule

scarlet11As you may know, my kitchen is being remodeled starting on Monday – I will still be available for calls though because I’ll be staying with a girlfriend nearby. Thank you so much for the home depot gift cards! Of course, there are still plenty of things I’ll be needing for the kitchen if you’d like to send a Home Depot e-card you may send to (they do virtual e-gift cards that I can print and use).

If you’re looking for something that I will love,  Visit My Amazon Wish List for tons of ideas.

Look for me on Yahoo – enchantrixscarlet – or send me an email to schedule an appointment. You can always come right here to my blog and see if my ‘sign’ says ‘Available’ (green) – ‘Away’ (red) – or ‘On The Phone’ (yellow).

Want to hear my voice anytime? I have 40 audios available for you to purchase and listen to over…and over….and over! See them all and hear samples HERE. I also make Custom Audios; you can provide me with the script or I an write it for you. Message me to discuss.

Have you been thinking about giving Me a call for the first time? I recommend clicking on the link above – Pre-Call Questionnaire – fill that out and email it to me. That way, I’ll know more about you when we connect for the first time.

I look forward to talking with you soon!

XOXO ~ Scarlet

Mistress Breaks In Her New Cane

The package arrived via UPS. A long, slender box weighing barely anything. I already knew what was inside, having been given a ‘heads up’ by a caller that insisted on buying it for me. I didn’t bother to open it, rather left the package on my bed and waited for my submissive to arrive.

I Put On My Black Vinyl Romper

We had spscarlet11ent time together in the past; a domination session here and there. I knew his limits and he knew better than to test mine. I messaged him as soon as the box arrived; simply telling him to be over in an hour. I put on my black vinyl romper with classic fence net stockings and my favorite ‘dom’ boots that appear to take forever to lace but truly (and luxuriously) zip up the side. I pulled my hair back into a tight ponytail. Glossed my lips. Perfumed my cleavage.

One Single Cane. So Light, So Simple.

He arrived. I handed him a pair of scissors. Told him to strip down and then to go into my bedroom and open the package. I sat in the chair and waited as he opened the box only to draw in a breath as he saw what was inside. One single cane. Just one. So light, so simple. Just a piece of rattan. I told him to bring it to me. He picked it up and walked over to me, dropping to his knees and holding it out in both of his up-turned hands. I took it from him and began to inspect it. So smooth. No wayward fibers. Bringing it to my nose and having a smell. Taking my time while he stayed in position; I relish making him wait. Anticipation equals foreplay doesn’t it?

Anticipation = Foreplay

Using the new cane as an extension of my hand, I pointed to my boot and told him to show me his adoration. For the next hour, I made him prove to me just how badly he wanted to be the one to take the cane for the first time. He wanted me to break it in on his ass.  Feeling he deserved it; I had him turn around and present his ass to me. I walked around his body, getting a feel for the right position for his quick caning. I told him to relax as I dragged the cane across his bare ass. I swiftly brought it up in the air and back down against his ass. Again. Again. Again. Four quick snaps with the cane, four long red welts already appearing on his skin. I sat back down in my chair and again pointed to my boots and told him to start thanking me. He floated in sub space as he kissed and worshiped my boots; murmuring his thank yous over and over again as his ass waved in the air.


I’m Being Interviewed! Q & A on Provocatalk – 4/2/14

I am so excited to be doing a LIVE Mistress Interview with Mistress Tia on Tuesday, April 2nd @ 8PM EST. The last time I had an interview like this was almost 4 years ago when I had recently joined LDW. My, oh my, how things have changed!

This podcast will be recorded and I will be posting the link after the LIVE Interview. However, if you’d like to listen in, just call into the # provided (1.800.600.2826). I’ll also be in the chat room if you’d like to stop by and say hello!

You never know what sexy secrets I may reveal ;) ‘See’ you there!


Happy 4 Year LDW Anniversary to Me!

It’s so hard to believe! It took me by complete surprise when someone asked me the other day how long I’ve been with LDW. It dawned on me that this month is my 4 year anniversary! I started on this amazing adventure in March of 2010 – can you believe it?

anniversaryI have had so many people ask me just how I got started with LDW and with doing Domination phone sex in general. I have to be honest, I just sort of fell into it! I was living in the BDsm lifestyle and of course had been dominating men nearly all my life. When a career change reared it’s ugly head, I found myself seeking an opportunity to both make a great income and to feed my inner Dominatrix. I had a lot of personal experience with phone sex but had never done so professionally. I did some research online……and I found LDW and Ally.

Thank you Ally for taking a chance on me four years ago and providing me with this life changing opportunity. I can’t even express the positives that working here has brought to my life. I have created relationships with so many people; callers, my fellow ETE’s and dispatchers as well. I’ve learned about fetishes and kinks; the likes I’d never heard before!

I’ve received so many generous gifts and tributes over the years, every time I look around my house I see something that was personally selected for me by one of my callers. Thank you!

I look forward to celebrating my 4 year anniversary all month long and I hope you will give me a call or have a sexy texting session with me to celebrate.

Ms. Scarlet’s New Rope Demo Doll

(Did you know you can listen to this blog post? Click Here)

I just have to tell you about a recent experience I had with my new rope demo doll. Now, just to bring you up to date, I have fallen even more in love with rope bondage and rope art (shibari). It started several years ago when I watched someone get tied up and then suspended in the air! I wasn’t so much interested in the suspension as in the look of the rope against skin; the feeling of helplessness the bottom felt from being tied up. I’ve been practicing a lot and as you may have assumed; I have a lot of people offering to be my demo bottom.

Scarlet, would you tie me up?

Recently, I was at a bdsm dungeon play party and this beautiful blonde approached me. She said she had heard I was good with rope and would I consider tying her up. As my inside devil giggled with glee, I told her that if she stripped down naked in front of everyone in the dungeon, I’d consider letting her be a rope demo doll for me.

Wouldn’t you know, inropeknot about two seconds flat, she was naked and exposed; kneeling before me. I quickly grabbed my bag of rope (I’m always in need of more rope by the way – if you want to help make my addiction worse, send me more and more! My favorites are in my Amazon Wish List) and found a nice, open space to begin tying her up.

Close your eyes and let me take control.

Her body was just gorgeous; all curves and yummy parts. I stood behind her and let the rope drag against her skin. I told her to close her eyes and just enjoy the feeling of becoming more and more in my control. I decided to make a simple rope dress on her and proceeded to twist and drag the rope along her lucious curves; wrapping it and looping it as I bound her breasts and pulled her arms behind her. I found myself getting excited about placing a ‘happy knot’ right over her clitoris.

rope between her legs, up her ass

When I got to her thighs, I gently kissed her thigh and used my hand to part her legs. I tied a nice, fat knot in the rope and pushed it snug up between her pussy lips before pulling the rope between her legs and right up her ass only to find the spot between her wrists where I tied it off. I gave it an extra tug upwards to make sure it was snug. I stood up and admired my work; very pleased with the design and the beauty. I then reached out and grabbed the rope attached to her happy knot and pulled upwards repeatedly as she started to moan and grind against it. I pulled her over to a group of people and said…….Who’d like to play with my demo doll? A handsome, strong man reached out and started pulling on her ropes; bringing forth squeals and a high pitched whimpering! Being bound and helpless has it’s benefits!

I hope you enjoyed my story….although it’s entirely true! I have many more than this one; give me a call to hear more!