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*** Scarlet’s Updates ***

The new audio store is OPEN! And – just for one more week; you can have 50% off any and all audios you wish to purchase. I just know you want to buy all 43 of mine! The new link is: My Audio Store

New Audio Store!

Your best way to have a phone or text session with me is by appointment at this time scarlettumblr

I have a very flexible schedule and I can’t wait to spend time with you! Message me on yahoo (enchantrixscarlet) or email me ( to schedule something – you let me know what works for YOU and I will do my best to make that happen. (You can also just watch for me to be available; but if you want to make sure – make an appointment.)

Note: If you want a session that is longer than an hour – please email me in advance to make sure I’ll be available for that length of time. I loooooove playing with you for a long time but sometimes a heads up is a nice gesture. Thanks!

* Want to tell me about your interests before our first call? Want to let me know your kinks? I have a pre-call questionnaire that you can fill in online. Check it out! Pre-Call Questionnaire

Looking for me? The fastest way is to IM me on Yahoo – enchantrixscarlet – or send me an email to schedule an appointment. You can always come right here to my blog and see if my ‘sign’ says ‘Available’ (green) – ‘Away’ (red) – or ‘On The Phone’ (yellow).

Did you know that we offer a ‘Just Talk’ website? It’s true! It’s called Talk To Me and you can find me listed there: See Scarlet’s Talk To Me Profile.

Are YOU following me yet on Tumblr? You should be! I post lots of pictures, re-post other Mistress’s pics and more! Follow Me On Tumblr

Did you know I can watch you on Skype or Yahoo? Show off for me on cam anytime we’re on the phone; I love watching!

Want to hear my voice anytime? I have 48 audios available for you to purchase and listen to over…and over….and over! See them all and hear samples HERE. I also make Custom Audios; you can provide me with the script or I can write it for you. Message me to discuss.

I look forward to talking with you soon!

XOXO ~ Scarlet

Asking For Permission

Are you ready to submit? To allow Me to be in control? scarletstanding

Part of letting go of control is learning how to ask for permission. It’s the simple technique – permission requested; permission (possibly) granted. When you’re used to being the boss; in charge of your day to day life; you might find it hard to start having to ‘Ask For Permission’ from your Mistress.

I understand that

It will take some restraint. That first time that you find yourself wanting to touch yourself; but then you remember you consented to me. You granted me the authorization to completely control several things: when you touch yourself, when you masturbate and when you orgasm. These are all very different things. Will you be able to hold yourself back while you reach out to me and ASK for permission?

“Mistress Scarlet may I touch myself”. Go ahead. Practice it. Say it out loud.

Will you be shaking when you say it to me for the first time? Will it make your cock rock hard to know how much it turns me on to have that control over you?

It does you know. It turns me on. I love it when I make the decisions and when you submit yourself to me.

Our relationship may not have this aspect in it….yet….but it will. It always does. Because that’s how I want it. And I’m in charge.


I’m Often Asked; What Should I Call You?

Listen to Me Read this for you.

I’m often asked prior to a call or at the start of a phone fantasy session; “What should I call you?”. Consider this post one of those ‘phone sex etiquette 101‘ lessons.

You may call Me Scarlet.

That is always acceptable at the start of our relationship. Did you notice that I said ‘at the start’? That’s because things will change over time; including how you might address Me or even how I will be addressing you.

Here are some other examples (these are just examples; remember that our relationship is different and I will decide what I want you to call Me). What they all have in common is full respect, adoration and attention to the importance of how you address Me.scarletcallme

Mistress: if you reveal to Me that you are a submissive male seeking to serve; I will insist that you call Me Mistress Scarlet or simply; Mistress during our sessions. If you are into BDSM, D/s or fetish; Mistress is certainly the perfect name for Me. I can be your lifestyle Mistress or your Fantasy Mistress.

Enchantrix or Empress: All of the beautiful ladies at LDW are addressed as Enchantrix; it’s a ‘cover-all’ term that is fitting for all of us. Again; this is in the beginning – your name will change.

Goddess or Queen: A term of endearment for a female that you want to pay attention to; perhaps worshiping My body if I allow it. (the term ‘queening chair‘ comes from this name in terms of facesitting).

Princess or Miss: For those men that enjoy pampering and spoiling Me or truly just want to adore Me.

Cuckoldress: I think you know what this name means. If I am to become your cuckold trainer; you will call Me your Cuckoldress.

Owner: This is a very rarely used term. Only used by a very select few. It will mean that I truly own you. This takes time; years even before I can take ownership of a slave. This can also be used in terms of chastity; if I have locked your cock up – then I truly am your owner.

There are so many others that I haven’t listed here – lady, humiliatrix, courtesan, domme, cocktease, dominatrix, etc.

What’s right for us? What will be the perfect term for you to address Me with? Let’s talk and find out.

By the way………….My next blog post will be called: What would you like Me to call you?

Chastity Isn’t A Choice For All Men

Listen to me Read This Blog Post for you.

If you are a lover of our ladies here at LDW then you surely have heard of some fetishes and kinks that you may not be familiar with. I am often asked about these. Specifically I am asked most often about sph Bracelet-Key3(small penis humiliation), cei (cum eating instructions) and orgasm chastity. Today we’ll focus specifically on chastity training and orgasm denial; but feel free to ask me anytime about any fetish you want to know about.

You want to know; what is chastity and is it right for me?

Chastity means that you are being ‘chaste’; meaning that you aren’t haven’t orgasms on your own. Chastity can be self imposed; meaning you are in charge of deciding when and if you cum. A lot of men will experiment with chastity by holding off on orgasming for several days before allowing themselves to cum. He may masturbate but not allow himself to cum. This can build the intensity of the orgasm when it ultimately happens.

The truth is; you don’t always have a choice.

Often times; your chastity will be completely in the control of the woman in your life. The woman that has the power to decide if you will be in control of your own orgasms or if she will be in control of them. She will decide for how long you’ll be locked in chastity. Wouldn’t it feel better to let yourself just lose that control? Yes, it would. Trust me; I know.

Give up all control.

When you give yourself over to being placed in chastity (whether it be in mental chastity or with an actual chastity cock cage and a lock); you allow someone else the decisions completely. After you take that first step; all else is out of your control. Completely. Let it happen. I know you want to.

My pre-recorded audios that relate to chastity:

Men Need Chastity – Length:  5:19  Cost: $18
Oh you poor thing. How long has it been since you’ve been allowed to cum? Not – Long – Enough!

I’m Not Gonna Let You Cum – Length: 5:00 Cost $15
You don’t really expect me to let you cum do you? I am going to own your cock and your orgasms. You’ll gladly turn it over to me when I use my body to tease you. Once it’s mine, I’ll be making all of the decisions. Just as it should be.

May is Masturbation Month!

Attention masturbation addicts, dick beaters and chronic strokers! This is YOUR month! It’s Masturbation May and we celebrate all month long here at LDW group. As if you needed yet another reason to jerk off for me!

Just what can you expect this month?

Lots and lots of TEASING of course! Expect to be teased mercilessly in a variety of delicious ways…….

– I’ll be available to provide Guided Masturbation calls all month long. We can enjoy our time together strictly on the National-Masturbation-Monthphone; or we can add a new level of excitement and you can Stroke For Me on Webcam!

– Enjoy Two Mistress Masturbation Calls! I just love playing with another woman while teasing a hot and horny man on the phone. Call Me anytime and we can add a second Mistress very easily. It’s just $1 more per minute to add a whole other level of SEXY!

– Let’s do some Mutual Masturbation OR we can even Watch Porn Together while masturbating. I’m into everything hedonistic and pleasurable; try me!

– If you can’t make a call in private; consider having a Sexy Texting session with Me. I love to type dirty! It’s very discreet, easy to purchase and I’m available quite often on Yahoo IM.

– Yet another way to enjoy my dirty mind while being discreet is to purchase any of my Erotic Audios from the store. I have over 40 audios available – or, send me an idea for a Custom Audio!

–Play Pass The Penis! This is where you get to masturbate for multiple Mistresses – being passed from one sexy fem domme to the next! We are going to have the Pass the Penis game at discounted rates all through the month of May!  The discounted rates for Masturbation May Pass the Penis are as follows:

3 Mistresses (30 minutes total): $70 ($12.50 discount)

4 Mistresses (40 minutes total): $90 ($20 discount)

5 Mistresses (50 minutes total): $100 ($37.50 discount)

** Just mention this discount to the dispatcher when you call in. **