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Scarlet’s Updates ~ News ~ Thank You Notes ~ Schedule

Happy 5 Year Anniversary to Me!!

Have you ever filled out my Pre-Call Questionnaire – even if you’ve called me before; you are welcome to fill this out! It is a fantastic way to tell me something you might not be able to say over the phone (like what naughty names you like to be called!) or about a specific fantasy you’d really like to play out. I save all of the pre-call forms I receive so feel free to ask me to look it up when you call or to even schedule an appointment after sending your form in; that way it’s fresh in my mind and I can use everything in it against you! Errr…..I mean to seduce you! ;)

The very sexy Miss Jenna has written a guest blog on my page – look below! I’ve also written one on her page: Read My Guest Blog Post.

The first edition of:  Scarlet Letters  is up! I have been saving every letter sent to me and will email you if I choose to publish yours.

Want to really get to know me? My hobbies? My kinks? –  Visit My Amazon Wish List! Thank you DAVE for all of the rescue dog gifts and the very slutty book – I love them all!

I have made an erotic audio for you called ‘Your Penis Is Too Small Honey‘. it’s all about a wife telling her newlywed husband that his penis is just too small to pleasure her. You can always hear my voice by purchasing one of the 43 Exclusive Erotic Audios I have available for you in the Enchantrix Audio Store!

Did you know I can watch you on Skype or Yahoo? Show off for me on cam anytime we’re on the phone; I love watching!

Look for me on Yahoo – enchantrixscarlet – or send me an email to schedule an appointment. You can always come right here to my blog and see if my ‘sign’ says ‘Available’ (green) – ‘Away’ (red) – or ‘On The Phone’ (yellow).

Want to hear my voice anytime? I have 48 audios available for you to purchase and listen to over…and over….and over! See them all and hear samples HERE. I also make Custom Audios; you can provide me with the script or I can write it for you. Message me to discuss.

I look forward to talking with you soon!

XOXO ~ Scarlet

It’s My 5 Year Anniversary With LDW!

fifthHere it is; March again! March is my anniversary month here at LDW. I remember when I first began working here with this amazing group of women; I was blown away at the brilliance! A phone sex company with class? A phone sex company where I am in control of who I speak to, what I talk about and when I take calls? It’s phenomenal!

I’ve always felt that LDW is the best company out there and every year I’m reminded of why. I feel absolutely spoiled here; both by my co-workers, our fearless female leader and especially by my callers. As I look around my home and think back to the past five years; so much of it involves my loyal playmates! Gifts, travel advice, friendship, get well gifts, a world class collection of bondage equipment, re-stocking my kitchen after my flood, even gifts for my shelter dogs! I am truly spoiled through Amazon wish list gifts, virtual bouquets and so much more.

Not only have I gotten to know many of my beautiful co-Mistresses and my callers; but I’ve gotten to know so many new Fetishes and Kinks! I thought I had quite the knowledge base being a real time BDSM lifestyle Mistress; but every once in a while; someone will call in with a kinky idea that I’ve never heard of; even after all this time! For instance; I never knew I would become an in-demand cum eating instruction Mistress! Or, that I would be assisting many potential cuckolds and even swingers finding their way into the lifestyle! Everyone has their kinks and it doesn’t matter how strange they may seem to you; I’m open to hearing what gets your cock throbbing and your heart racing!

I can’t wait to see what this year brings me and LDW. I’ve already launched my newest blog series called The Scarlet Letters; that has been amazing! Reading the letters from YOU and choosing just one to publish each month; oh yeah! I look forward to learning about your fetish soon!

Scarlet Letters: Mike Questions His Size

Here’s the first in my new monthly series: Scarlet Letters. You email your letter, confession, erotic story or a phone call review and if I pick yours to post on my blog; you get 5 Free minutes added to your next call to me! Read all about it here.

This month I’ve chosen to publish Mike’s letter; questioning his penis size. I’ve also decided to record Mike’s letter…..Click To Listen.

Mike’s letter reminds me of some of the Erotic Audios I have in the audio store right now including: sph Ring Tone, Teeny Tiny Wager, The Evil Escort and Your Penis Is Too Small Honey.

Mike Questions His Size

Dear Scarlescarletletterst,
I am responding to your “letter request” on your blog.  I will use a pseudonym to keep my identity private.  I am not sure if this is a kink or a fetish or just “me”.  As a young boy I had questions about my “size”.  I was curious probably like most boys.  I was suspicious that I might be a bit on the small side.  As time went on and I went into High School I began to hear girls “talk”.  The topic of “size” seemed to come up with some frequency.  The girls were so pretty and I was so, so attracted.  It seemed that without exception when the topic of “size” or “endowment” came up  the girls always put endowed guys on a pedestal. I can still recall the first few times I heard the term “hung” or “well hung” and then later “endowed” or “well endowed”.  Yet I more than suspected that those terms definitely did not apply to me.  Many girls were quite upfront about it.  I did not have all this terminology then but knew I was not going to be the “alpha guy”.  I began to have a lot of desires to “do chores” for girls.  I know that might sound odd but I sort of connect it with the “endowment” stuff.  
I had one girlfriend in particular along the way who sort of “used me” like that.  Well, more than one but one was “over the top”.  She was not a dominatrix explicitly but sure could have been.  She was pretty, a bit older, and used my “size” in a dominating threatening kind of way.  I was often afraid she would bring it up when we were with her friends or in some public venue.  On occasion she did so more than once. But usually it was “just between us”.  She was a humiliatrix before I had even known the term. “Do you sometimes wish you weren’t tiny”?  “How big do you think HE is”?  “When did you first know you were small”?  She would bring up small penis “issues” nearly daily.  I don’t know why exactly – I just adored her still and wanted to be with her.  I learned to be quiet, not argue, go along. I blushed – a lot.  I think once she got the power she had she would continually up the ante – being more and more “extreme”. The worst was once when a girlfriend of hers was over and we had had dinner – she referenced it out rightly when it was time to clear the table.  Her voice still rings in my ears “Shouldn’t the least endowed of us get to clear”, she smiled.  I would “lose” my voice at those sort of comments. I could not speak up, at all. She sensed this – thus ramped it up more and more.  I felt so submissive with her – though again, I did not use that term totally then.  
I don’t recall “liking” the humiliation exactly but I felt bound to her.  I so wanted to stay.  Another guy would have left I am sure.  Often we had a “normal” relationship. But when push came to shove or something needed be decided or she wanted something – boom.  She would be quick to bring up
“the issue” and I would be quick to be quiet.  She understood how in charge she was and understood it a lot more than I did (or even do).
Mike (pseudonym)
Thank you Mike for submitting your letter! I can’t wait to talk with you about your size and how I might also bring up the issue repeatedly. I’ve emailed you with info on how to use your 5 Free Minutes; just reply back and we can set up a date and time!

50 Shades of Scarlet

Sexy two Mistress call

Click HERE to listen to Ms. Jenna narrate this!

Note: This is a Guest Mistress Blog Post by Miss Jenna. See My Guest Post On Her Blog Here.

Nothing is more fun than having a hot two Mistress call especially with the diva-licious Ms. Scarlet.

Last week we  Jennahad so much fun sharing a sweet submissive together! He wanted things to start out seemingly “in charge” and then we got to do the old sexy switch-a-roo and turn the tables on him with some hot spanking. Ms. Scarlet was gorgeous as ever wearing a sexy black bra, panty set and heels. I was donning a purple bra, panties and peep toes.

Turn about is fair play spank you very much

Ms. Scarlet strode over to our submissive sitting on the bed. She seductively knelt between his legs teasing his hard and helpless cock. He gasped and pleaded and Ms. Scarlet got up and straddled him as he palmed  her ass. He expressed that he’d like if I spanked her while she rode him. I looked at her and we grinned at each other knowing that he’d get his comeuppance later. I came over and seductively spanked Ms. Scarlet’s beautiful pale ass while she rode his big cock. He switched positions and I knew I would have My opportunity to lay into him while he fucked her from behind. I broke out My big purple heart wood paddle. I swatted his ass hard because I wanted him to give Ms. Scarlet a good fucking and I knew the harder I spanked him the better he would fuck her. I walloped his ass without mercy leaving lovely little red welts on his ass cheeks. I was very happy to turn him into a great little fuck toy for Ms. Scarlet and a spank toy for Me. However you slice he was just Our toy and I loved the opportunity to play with Ms. Scarlet!

Vegas With Mistress Ava & Mistress Tabetha!

I’m reporting live from Las Vegas where we’ve been having the best time EVER! I am so lucky to work with such amazing, naughty, smart, beautiful, did I say naughty, women in the world. We have been hanging out in what I could only describe as a week long Mistress slumber party! Exciting shows, delicious meals, lots of libation and erotic stimulation, too!

Listen to a short audio we made for you in my hotel room! Listen to Ava, Tabetha & Scarlet!

As they say; what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – but I will share something fun that happened on our first night…………….


Mistress Ava

I had never met Mistress Tabetha or Mistress Ava and on our very first night together we visited the casino to check out the action. Mistress Ava loves to smoke when she parties and as she lit up a cigarette, a man walked up and asked if he could have one. The three of us sized him up, looking him up and down and then Miss Tabetha said, “Is that how you ask properly? I think you need to ask nicely and say please.” His demeanor changed immediately; I’m sure he sensed he was surrounded by dominant women and had no chance of escape. He immediately repeated the question; adding the required niceties. With a sexy smirk; Miss Ava then said, “I think you need to get on your knees and beg for it.”


Mistress Tabetha

Now, what do you think happened next? In the middle of a bustling casino? In front of hundreds of people? You guessed it. He kneeled, humbly looking up and asking, this time in the proper way, for a cigarette. Miss Ava took one cigarette out of her pack and leaned over to hand it to him. I bent over and whispered in his ear……”Now is when you say Thank You Ma’am.”.

I am pretty sure I heard the tent pop up in his pants! An encounter with three genuine Mistresses? I think he masturbated as soon as he could just thinking about how all three of us put him in his place with just a few words.

Mmmmmmm. That was only a small experience that we had. I feel like I’ve made two new girlfriends! I can’t wait to talk with them again and see them again. Perhaps you’d like to have a three-way cock teasing call with us? Or a two-Mistress call (remember when Miss Delia and I visited in Florida? If not; listen to the audio on this blog post). Whatever your desire; we’re here to play!

Viva Las Vegas!