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My Current Schedule:

Scarlet’s Holiday Wish List – See What I Want The Most This Year! Spoiling Is Always Welcome!

December 2017: I’ll be around all month long!!

I do most sessions BY APPOINTMENT: email me ( or skype me (thescarletmistress) – otherwise; just call me when you see my line is ON (see that sexy phone on the right side of my screen? It tells you what my status is – red means I’m not here, green means you can call me, yellow means I’m busy)

What’s New? This is where I’ll be putting links to my guest blog posts, bios, audios, etc.redhairphone

**I created a new Amazon wishlist with recommended sex toys for YOU – Recommended Toys

** I have a new guest audio and blog post at Fem Dom Podcast – Want to Masturbate on Cam?

** My newest Shrinking Fetish themed erotic audio is available in the store! Shrinking Solution

Personal Gifts & Tips! Did you know; you can leave me a cash tip for our call? Just mention it to the dispatcher before we connect; or call them back after our call and they can add it to your charge. Also, I’m always adding new items to my Personal Amazon Wish List – or if you prefer I pick something out – just send an amazon e-gift card to – thank you!

Pre-Call Questionnaire: Don’t forget to fill out my pre-call form if you’d like me to know some things about you prior to our call.

Would you like to hear pre-recorded erotic audios? Here they all are: My Audio Store

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~ Scarlet

Her Holiday Naughty List – The One She Won’t Tell You About!

Choo! Choo! I’m your next stop on the LDW Holiday Blog Train! After this stop……….you’ll be heading over to see what Mistress Alexis has for you!

Here’s my little holiday fantasy to add to the fun and folic………………………………

So I was chatting with your wife and she was telling me about all of the things she wants for Christmas but hasn’t told you about! It’s true; she has a very long list of naughty items that she truly desires! It’s too bad she doesn’t yet know that you’d be creaming your pants if you knew all of this. She’ll know soon enough; we just have to work up to it.

So, for now, I thought I’d share a few thoughts and ideas for what you can get the lady in your life for the holidays – and no, it’s not a crockpot!

  • The Womanizer clit sucker – OMG – if you didn’t read my review of this #1 sex toy; go read it now. This will make her explode with earth shattering orgasms. I promise! There’s a new version so make sure you get the most up to date one. Buy it on amazon or in a reputable toy store.
  • A massage gift certificate – with a male masseuse! Seriously; she wants to feel those big, hard hands all over her body! Mmmmm. Make sure to book the multiple massage package.
  • A personal trainer – again, must be male! Must be big. Must be buff. Must be………hers for a couple of hours each week!
  • Anything from my amazon gift list of suggestions – especially one of those delicious dongs!
  • Time. With you. Seriously. Just some alone time; without cell phones or laptops or distractions.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Don’t forget gifts for the ladies in your life that don’t live with you (i.e. ME!), too!

An oldie but a goodie! Miss Scarlet’s new whips for Christmas – FREE HOLIDAY AUDIO!

Your next stop on the Holiday Blog Train is…………Mistress Alexis!

Making Phone Sex Calls In Secret

Do you make phone sex calls in secret? I’m sure you enjoy a high level of privacy during your fantasy roleplay sessions, don’t you?

Or perhaps you’re a bit of an exhibitionist? You want to be heard? Want to be caught?

It never ceases to amaze me…………..the level at which a man will go to reach me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know I’m worth it. I know you can’t wait to be on the phone or to be exposed on cam for me. It still surprises me though when I can tell that you’re in your car, either driving down the freeway or parked somewhere discreet! I get a very special thrill when you call and I know you can’t even touch yourself!  I can’t tell you how much it excites me when you get on cam to stroke for me and I can tell you’re in your office! I always wonder; is the door locked?

Then there’s an even higher level……………there are certain chronic masturbation addicts that will call me from their hidden away masturbatoriums, their secret ‘man cave’ in the basement or even from the bathroom in their office building!

So, what about you? What lengths have you gone to? Where’s the strangest place you’ve made a call? (post in the comments below for all to see!)

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention something super secret, something that makes fantasy roleplay and masturbation completely……silent. I’m talking about sexy texting/live chat of course! You can just have a chat conversation with me with absolutely no sound, no phone, you don’t even have to call a dispatcher – it’s all done online! Read about it and get instructions on how to do it right here: Live Chat With Scarlet

FREE 15 Minute Calls Again on November 30th!

Note: I’ll be taking these FREE calls very late Wednesday evening (after Midnight) – email me or find me on Skype to reserve your time!

Because you liked it so much when we did it on the 15th; we’re doing it one more time!

Thursday, November 30th, 2017 will be a special celebration for our most loyal clients! If you’ve purchased at least 15 calls in the past 5 years with us, or purchased 150 minutes or more on the phone or text, you’ll get a gift of 15 free minutes to talk to your favorite Mistress! You can either use this as a 15 minute long call, or add the 15 minutes onto a longer call. This promotion starts at 12:01AM EST and ends at 11:59 EST on Thursday, November 30th

There is another promo being offered on Tuesday November 28th – all two Mistress calls will be available for the price of a 1 mistress call. Double your fun, add a second Mistress to your call!

Make sure to watch for more anniversary surprises!

If you are not certain how many times you’ve called us, please send an email to and we’ll look it up for you.

The Dick Taker

Listen to me read this blog post: Click Here

Dick taker. Don’t you love hearing me say that?  What if I was calling YOU that?

Are you a “dick taker”?

You think you’ve been doing a good job keeping it a secret. Surely nobody knows what kind of porn you’ve been watching and having extended masturbation sessions to. Not a single person would ever guess that you’ve been fantasizing about being a cock sucker. It’s your dirty little secret; the fact that you want to bend over and take it.

 I know what you are.

You were searching for someone to guide you, to accept you, to tell you that it’s ok to act on your craving for cock. I will guide you. I will accept you. I will tell you that it’s completely ok to seek the cock you’ve been needing for so long. We can fantasize about it, roleplay it, I can motivate you.

It’s time for you to take a dick.

For real this time. You’re going to do it. Call me. Let’s talk about it. I’ll keep your secret.

(side note: I want you to know that it’s ok if you want to be verbally humiliated about your interest in cock – it’s also ok if you don’t want humiliation at all but more of a sensual, intellectual or simply conversational discussion about it; perhaps with some guided masturbation.)