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*** Scarlet’s Updates ***

Have you added me on Skype yet? Why not?! It’s a fabulous way to schedule a session with me, say hi, see what I’m up to – go ahead – add me – it’s free! thescarletmistress

Thank you for the holiday gifts!!! I really appreciate YOU!

**Did you hear me on Whore School? Miss Harper and I talked all about CBT – it was so fun! You can listen to the recording of the podcast right here: Listen To Podcast

You’ve been asking and I’ve been listening! I’ve added new items to my Personal Amazon Wish List – so you can Spoil Your Mistress (I also absolutely love e-gift cards from carnival cruise lines and amazon sent to

Regarding Yahoo IM – I upgraded to the new version of yahoo and I really don’t like it – so I have moved to skype – you can find me there as ‘thescarletmistress’ – feel free to add me!redhairphone

Message me on skype (thescarletmistress) or to my email if you’d like to pre-arrange a session or want to schedule an hour or more.

Don’t forget to fill out my pre-call form if you’d like me to know some things about you prior to our call.

We have a brand new sexy audio store! Take a peek at my 48 available audios – I will be making new ones in the coming months to add to the collection. My new link is: My Audio Store

I also make Custom Recorded Audios – send me a script and I’ll record it for you. Ask me about pricing.

XOXO ~ Scarlet

Cuckold Fantasies

Listen to me talk about Cuckold Fantasies

Let’s continue our tour of the vast LDW Universe…..we (I) cater to many fetishes. I’m no ‘one trick’ Mistress! There are so many experiences and fantasies to explore! Let’s go!

So far; I’ve taken you to visit The Daily CockSuck PatrolTalk To Me 123 and Spoiled Princess Palace

It is my pleasure to tell you all about one of my favorite fetish specific sites – Cuckold – you should go take a peek! Don’t worry; just looking at the website won’t turn you into a cuckold! If you’re still not sure what a cuckold is; let me give you my version of the definition.

A cuckold, put most simply, is a man who is with a woman that is having sex with other men.

There are many types of cuckolds and many ways to explore this hot wife fetish. We can discuss it in a loving, sensual way or I can be humiliating and demeaning about it! You may wish to be included in your girl’s sexcapades, you could dream about being a cuckold fluffer or you might want to be kept in the dark. It all depends on the relationship you wish to have with your cuckold Mistress.

As you know; I’ve created a six part check list to help you determine if you are or if you should be a cuckold. Now you can also explore our fetish specific website designed just for men with a cuck fetish!

My listing there can be found through this link. You can also listen to my audio that is specific to that site right here.

Can’t wait to show you somewhere new next time!


Are You A Cuckold? A Six Part Check List.

Listen to Me read this blog post to you: Listen To Scarlet

Last year I started speaking with a man that was having trouble realizing that he was a cuckold. After some calls together; we created a list of the six major factors that would let a man know that he indeed was a cuckold. ……

I was able to help Richard realize that he should be cuckolded by his wife.

Now I want to help you realize it.

Go through this list and see how many of these apply to you – then, call me or have a chat session with me so that we can talk about how to proceed……………………

  1. You are unable to give partner an orgasm through penile penetration.
  2. Your penis is less than 5″ inches in length.
  3. You always have a premature ejaculation; i.e. in less than 5 minutes of penetration.
  4. You have small, tight balls.
  5. When given a handjob by your partner your semen only dribbles into your belly button.
  6. You are a chronic masturbator.

How many of these applied to you? Was it all six? Truthfully; it only has to be just one that applies to make you a cuckold prospect. This list could be many pages long but these are the main attributes that I have found cuckolds to have in common.

You don’t deserve a woman like her. You don’t deserve a woman like me. Only a real prick deserves us.

Let’s talk about your future cuckold lifestyle. Let’s talk about your hot wife.

Here are some related links and audios:

  • LDW’s fantasy specific website for Cuckolding is: – my bio and audio are there for you to listen to anytime!
  • I like making these check lists – I made another one you might want to check out – You Might Have a Hot Wife If….
  • These are the erotic audios that might be hot for a cuckold to listen to:My Date Tonight – Length: 8:44 Cost: $27
    I’m home honey. I know we had a date planned but my lover called; that was more important. Let me tell you all about it while you clean my pussy.Lucky Cuckold – Length: 7:57 Cost: $24
    You are such a lucky cuckolded husband! I’ve brought home my lover, Rich to  teach you a brand new position! You’ll learn how to get his nine inch cock  hard and how to pleasure me as well! You lucky boy!

    Valentine’s Cuckold – Length:  5:27  Cost: $18
    Your wife is leaving you on Valentine’s day to be with her lover! She’s  spent all day at the spa and at the lingerie store getting herself ready  for a night of ecstasy; with your credit card! Wait until you hear what  your gift to her is and what she’ll be bringing home for you later.


Show Off Your Package – Christmas Blog Train


Here we are on your next stop on the Christmas Blog Train! Your fun began at Mistress Brighton’s Blog where we really kicked things off! And now; from me to you – some thoughts about “Packages”.

Click Here To Listen To Me Read This Blog Post To You


Package = candy cane and jingle balls.

Yes, women do check out men’s packages! We can tell from the way that package may bulge or lie completely flat just what surprises await us underneath your pants. Does the thought of my blue eyes gazing down at your package make you harden? Or does it make you shrivel with shame? It’s ok; I like doing both!

Show Me Your Package

So let’s talk about the type of pants you wear. If you’re proud of your package……confident in your package……then you won’t mind wearing some form fitting pants. Baggy and lose pants are generally reserved for the guy that doesn’t want to show off what he’s got (or the lack thereof). You may recall that I lived in Europe for a while and I have to tell you; men are much more confident there. Even if their package may not look very large; the confidence is there!

How Are You Wrapping Your Package?

What about the type of underwear you keep your package in? This can change the whole game! Consider this – women wear bras because they support, lift and generally make our breasts look absolutely amazing. So, what’s your package being supported in? Are you (ew) still wearing those useless tighty whities? Stop it. Right now. Are you wearing some sexy boxer briefs? The skin tight kind? Or maybe some of the newer fashions like the jockstraps and fitted briefs. They’re designed to perform! To display! To ‘put a bow on it’ so to speak.

Put Your Package On Display!

So, the next time you’re buttoning your pants and zipping your zipper….take a moment to look at your package in the mirror. Is it something I’d want to stare at? Would I be happy with it for Christmas? You do want to make me happy….don’t you? Well then, I suggest you spend a little money on yourself and make that package the way I like it – on display, proud, masculine and nice and tight!

P.S. – talk to me about what I like to see when those underpants come off! There are even more ways to put that package on display for me!

Your next stop on the Christmas Blog Train is……………………………

Mistress Cassidy – Chestnuts Roasting

Whore School LIVE With Miss Scarlet & Miss Harper! 12/11 @ 11PM EST

wsharperdatetimeimageI’m so excited to let you know that on December 11th at 11PM EST I will be on the radio – LIVE – with Mistress Harper on her weekly Whore School radio show!

Whore School is a radio show dedicated to sex education – LDW style! Each week is a different topic and I bet you’re curious about what I might be talking about………………..well……………………….Miss Harper and I will be teaching YOU all about


That’s right! Cock and Ball Torture/Teasing! How to do it – why to do it – how it works – why it works – and of course; personal stories and experiences!

You already know how much I love to tease your cock – how much I love cbt – and I love to try new things – I hope you’ll join us LIVE – but if you can’t make it on Dec. 11th; don’t worry – the show will be recorded and I’ll post the link to the audio right here as soon as I can (update: Here’s the link to the recorded show!).

Miss Harper and I recorded a short teaser for you: Listen To The Teaser

You can also interact LIVE with us at – in the chatroom where Miss Harper and I will both be answering questions, teasing and participating in chat while we talk with one another on the show!