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*** Scarlet’s Updates ***

9/16/2016: Regarding Yahoo IM – I upgraded to the new version of yahoo and I really don’t like it – so I have moved to skype – you can find me there as ‘thescarletmistress’ – feel free to add me!redhairphone

Message me on skype (thescarletmistress) or to my email if you’d like to pre-arrange a session or want to schedule an hour or more.

Don’t forget to fill out my pre-call form if you’d like me to know some things about you prior to our call.

We have a brand new sexy audio store! Take a peek at my 48 available audios – I will be making new ones in the coming months to add to the collection. My new link is: My Audio Store

I also make Custom Recorded Audios – send me a script and I’ll record it for you. Ask me about pricing.

XOXO ~ Scarlet

You Might Have a Hot Wife If…….

Listen to me read this blog post to you.

A Hot Wife (or slut wife) is a woman that is married and has sex outside of her marriage. The hot wife can include her husband or exclude him; however for the purposes of being turned into a cuckold, let’s assume the hubby is at least ‘in the know’ somehow.

How do you know if you have a hot wife – or if she wants to be a ‘hot wife’:

  • she often wears provocative outfits to ‘go out’ with the girls.sideview
  • she’s high maintenance: she likes having her nails and hair done regularly, as well as frequent trips to the day spa for facials, waxing and massages.
  • you sometimes help pick out her lingerie and clothes for her nights out.
  • when she comes home late; you notice her makeup is gone and her hair is flat.
  • she asks you to cuddle when she gets home; or she may request you provide oral sex.
  • during oral sex; she has a different ‘taste’ than usual.

Do you have a hot wife? Are you a cuckold? Let’s talk about it – there are many types of cuckolds; the possibilities are endless! She could be having sex behind your back already or she could just be thinking about it and needs to know you’re interested, too. Do you want help getting your wife to cuckold you? I’m a cuckold expert and I can help make it happen – give me a call soon.

Suck Patrol – New Audio Available!

Listen to me Read This Blog Post to you.

Now that I’m back in Florida full time for a while; I thought I’d freshen up some things around here. As you know; I’m listed on many of the websites that are offered in the LDW Universe. I’ve been taking you on a tour to some of my favorite sites ( The Daily Cock) and today I want to show you one of our most popular sites in the whole network……..

Suck Patrol

My Suck Patrol BioMy Suck Patrol Audio

I’ll give you a moment to think about what this particular site might be about. Did you figure it out yet? Let me make it easy; it’s for men that think about sucking cock. That’s pretty clear isn’t it? Of course; there are many aspects to it – I can teach you how to suck a cock, we can talk about your cravings, you cbananaan share with me your experiences and desires. There are so many hot facets to it!

Do You Want
To Suck Cock?

It’s ok to admit it; even if you’re just cock curious. Obviously this is something that many men think about; but I know you have your own thoughts and fantasies that you need to share. Don’t you? I’ve written a new bio for our popular suck patrol website and I’ve also recorded a hot new bio audio there that’s totally free to listen to; anytime!

Cum Eating: Now or Later?

noworlaterMistress Scarlet has recorded this blog post: Listen To Recorded Version

I’ve been offering cum eating guidance and coaching for several years here at LDW. I’ve been featured on the Coached Cum Eating website that specializes in women that love helping men eat their own cum. I’ve also written many blog posts and have even recorded erotic audios on the subject (sample those and many others on our erotic audio site).

Lately, I’ve been getting this question quite often during cum eating sessions:

When should I eat it? Now or Later?

That’s such a perfect question! Depending on your level of cum eating experience; you may want to eat it directly from the source (ask me about the ‘cum eating position’) or you may want to eat it off of a small plate or perhaps even to go as far as actually saving your cum and eating it at a much later time (example: freezing a load and eating it several days later).

My recommendation is….

If you’re new to eating your own cum and/or a first timer; I definitely recommend the NOW option. I think you should eat it directly from the source (straight from your cock – as in; into your face) or you could eat it right off of your hand, etc. Often when you first start exploring this fetish; you may lose the urge to eat it after you orgasm. I have a lot of experience with first timers and newbies; so call me for some guidance, encouragement and direction.

After you get used to eating it regularly; you’ll be much better able to wait and eat it at a later time. Cum saving can be so hot! I’ve had several clients save multiple loads for me over the years – I often play cum eating games – I even issued a ‘cum tower challenge‘ a while back!

Have you ever saved your cum?

Have you? Or are you more of an ‘eat it when it happens’ kindof guy? I want to know! Will you post in the comments section and tell me about your cum eating habits? I can’t wait to hear from you if you decide you want to give cum eating a try or if you are already a pro!

Asking For Permission

Are you ready to submit? To allow Me to be in control? scarletstanding

Part of letting go of control is learning how to ask for permission. It’s the simple technique – permission requested; permission (possibly) granted. When you’re used to being the boss; in charge of your day to day life; you might find it hard to start having to ‘Ask For Permission’ from your Mistress.

I understand that

It will take some restraint. That first time that you find yourself wanting to touch yourself; but then you remember you consented to me. You granted me the authorization to completely control several things: when you touch yourself, when you masturbate and when you orgasm. These are all very different things. Will you be able to hold yourself back while you reach out to me and ASK for permission?

“Mistress Scarlet may I touch myself”. Go ahead. Practice it. Say it out loud.

Will you be shaking when you say it to me for the first time? Will it make your cock rock hard to know how much it turns me on to have that control over you?

It does you know. It turns me on. I love it when I make the decisions and when you submit yourself to me.

Our relationship may not have this aspect in it….yet….but it will. It always does. Because that’s how I want it. And I’m in charge.