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Scarlet’s Updates ~ Let’s Get To Know Each Other

Random thoughts!

letsgettoknoweachotherIt’s my Birthday month! See my special Birthday Wish List on Amazon if you want to send me a gift or if you just want to see what I like!

*50% off ALL Exclusive Erotic Audios in the Enchantrix Audio Store in September! Use promo code SEXYSEPT when you check out! I have 44 audios available in the store: See Scarlet’s Audio List

* I am planning a trip to Europe later this year so I’ll be gone for about 3 weeks towards the end of October/beginning of November! Just giving you a little ‘heads up’!

* Do you wonder what our Mistresses do in their ‘normal’ lives? Well, Miss Kay Marie has started the Mistress After Hours Blog where you can read about our beautiful ladies and their every day lives. I’ve written a blog post called ‘Under The Tuscan Sun‘ for you to read there!

* I am currently remodeling my ‘office’ space to make it more comfortable – I spend a lot of time on my comfy sofa and sometimes at my desk making audios and writing blog posts – thank you my pet ‘m’ for helping me with my new tile! I can’t wait to walk across the floor in my heels! I’ve put some items in my Amazon Wish List to make my space more comfy; if there’s anything you’d like to send my way please make sure to include a gift note or send me an email so I know who it’s from. I appreciate YOU!

* I have a new pre-call questionnaire that you can fill in online. Check it out! Pre-Call Questionnaire


Looking for me? The fastest way is to IM me on Yahoo – enchantrixscarlet – or send me an email to schedule an appointment. You can always come right here to my blog and see if my ‘sign’ says ‘Available’ (green) – ‘Away’ (red) – or ‘On The Phone’ (yellow).

As you already know; I’m a Mistress with eclectic tastes. You can enjoy browsing my Amazon page or if you’d like to spoil me with cash or e-gifts; visit the Spoil Me page to find out how!

Did you know that we offer a ‘Just Talk’ website? It’s true! It’s called Talk To Me and you can find me listed there: See Scarlet’s Talk To Me Profile.

Are YOU following me yet on Tumblr? You should be! I post lots of pictures, re-post other Mistress’s pics and more! Follow Me On Tumblr

Did you know I can watch you on Skype or Yahoo? Show off for me on cam anytime we’re on the phone; I love watching!

Want to hear my voice anytime? I have 48 audios available for you to purchase and listen to over…and over….and over! See them all and hear samples HERE. I also make Custom Audios; you can provide me with the script or I can write it for you. Message me to discuss.

I look forward to talking with you soon!

XOXO ~ Scarlet

9/30/15 – 5 FREE Minutes Added To Your Call TODAY ONLY!

FREE Phone Sex

Listen HERE

Attention masturbation addicts, exhibition sluts, cum eaters, crossdressing men, panty girls, fantasy vixens and pervs of all kinds!

This just in!

I firmly believe that you have to ask for what you want. Whether it be faster, harder, deeper, more, more!

Well today; if you ASK the dispatcher for FIVE free minutes – she’s going to give them to you!

Note: Five FREE Minutes are added to your minimum 10 minute call. A paid 10 minute call = 15 minutes of play time!

Five FREE Minutes!

For no reason at all – other than the fact that this is the most amazing phone sex company on the planet – we are offering you a last day of the month promotion! This promo is only good for callers that mention the promo TODAY 9/30/15 through Midnight Pacific (that’s 3AM EST!).

300 seconds of the most mind blowing, toe curling, orgasm inducing (or denying) vocal fireworks you can imagine!

Consider getting on cam during your call today to enhance the fun! Most of our Mistresses offer Yahoo viewing or Skype viewing (you can find me on Yahoo: enchantrixscarlet and on Skype: thescarletmistress ). If you are interested in my contest: He Who Squirts The Most – this is a great way to get on cam for me so I can count them!

Sexy Texters Get FREE Minutes, Too!

We haven’t forgotten about those of you that prefer to have adult chat online with your Mistress! Just mention the promo to the Mistress you want to chat/text with and she will request the five minutes be added to your time.

He Who Squirts The Most – Contest!!!!

scarlettumblrListen: Scarlet Reads This Post

I am the official LDW tabulator of cum squirts! (Thank you Mistress Alexis for that awesome title and idea! )

It’s Contest Time!

If you’ve read my last blog post – How Many Squirts? – you may have been inspired to give me a call and have me actually count them for you. Well, I’ve decided that I’m going to have a contest! It’s going to be a very short contest though so you’ll have to get your ‘entry’ in quickly!

Between now (9/29/15) and October 5th at Midnight EST; anyone that calls in and gets on cam (or does a sexy texting session with their cam on) is eligible. The contest is very simple – I mean, realllllly simple. All I want to know is……

Who Produces The Most Squirts?

Will it be you? Will you be crowned ‘He Who Squirts The Most’? You’ll need to make sure your cam is working before you call, consider setting up an appointment with me (just email me with your availability and we’ll make it happen –, be prepared to let me watch the entire time you masturbate so that I can literally count those squirts when you cum.

I Want To See The Money Shot!

I will keep a running list here of entries (I will only list you if you give me permission during our call or email me afterwards) here on this blog post – watch for updates!

Entry #1: Dick Wacker the Exhibition Pig! He only produced one pathetic dribble of a squirt – why, you ask? Because he wanked off without permission FIVE times the day prior! Unbelievable. Maybe he’ll get another chance before the contest is over. He does get props for slurping it all up.

Entry #2: John with the tiny penis – with only about 4″ it’s no surprise that he only gave me two squirts!

Entry #3: Todd The Wanker! – I watched him wank for about an hour before he pumped off SIX squirts of cum – big, long ropes too!

Entry #4: TBA

Entry #5: TBA

Whoever produces the MOST cum squirts (in ONE orgasm; not multiples) will receive a personally captioned photo of yours truly! Of course; just seeing your name here in lights with your squirt number recorded should be prize enough!

Notes: yes, orgasm edging is allowed – no, pre-cum doesn’t count – yes, you can eat your cum – no, eating it doesn’t get you bonus points but does get you smiles from Me!

How Many Squirts?

Listen to this post: Scarlet Reads This Blog Post

How many squirts? How many squirts does it take to milk out all of the cum from your balls? Don’t tell me you’ve never counted; I know you have!

I'll Keep Count!

I’ll Keep Count!

I’ve been on a bit of a counting kick lately. You may remember when I wanted you to save up a certain number of cum loads for an extreme cum eating challenge! Well, now I’m counting the actual ‘ropes’, ‘squirts’, ‘ejaculatory projections’ or male orgasms. Recently; I counted for ‘J’ and he had 7 ropes shoot out! Another masturbation addict; ‘V’ had 5! What about you? Are you a projectile squirter or more of a ‘secreter’?

Explode Like A Stick Of C4!

If you want to learn how to explode like a stick of c4; you’re going to need to practice some habits. Firstly, kegel exercises will help immensely. Yes, we usually hear this in regards to women’s health but take it from me, men can and should be doing kegel exercises as well. It’s a tightening of your pelvic floor muscles over and over (think of making your cock ‘jump’). This will absolutely help strengthen your ejaculation explosions!

Edging & Guided Masturbation

Once you’ve got those exercises down; it’s time to add in a lot of Edging! Edging is like tease and denial in that you masturbate and jerk off and just as you’re almost ready to explode; you back off and let it die down. Then, you pick it right back up! Doing this is so much fun (especially combining edging and guided masturbation) and can really make your ultimate orgasm more explosive! Also think about things such as how much sleep have you had, has your diet been good, are you physically healthy, is your head ‘in’ it (no pun intended!).

I Will Count Your Results!

No matter what happens; if your goal is to shoot a mile or just a few inches – it’s not always possible for every guy. Do the things I’ve mentioned above and see what happens. If your cum velocity turns more into a cum dribble; that’s OK! If you find you have multiple squirts of cum and you want me to count them for you; let’s have a masturbation session where you show me your cam (either on Skype or on Yahoo (enchantrixscarlet)) and I’ll be glad to keep count of the results!


5 Reasons To Buy Exclusive Erotic Audios in September!

phonemicrophoneListen To Mistress Scarlet Read This Blog Post

The beautiful ladies of LDW are known for providing mind blowing phone sex and chat fantasies; but did you know that we also offer Exclusive Erotic Audios? It’s like having an i-tunes store of your favorite Mistresses silky, sultry and mesmerizing voices at your fingertips! As much as we would love to be available by phone 24/7; sometimes we have to get our pesky beauty sleep or go on amazing vacations! Our audios are available anytime you need a kinky story, a guiding voice encouraging you to masturbate and/or eat your cum, fetish and kink fantasy roleplay, humiliation, cuckold fantasies or pretty much anything your naughty mind can think of!

So, why should you buy Exclusive Erotic Audios in September?

1. ALL Erotic Audios are 50% off all month long! Just use promo code SEXYSEPT when you check out at Enchantrix Audios. Put as many audios in your cart as you want; this is an unlimited sale!

2. Once purchased; you can listen to your audio collection anytime! Over…..and Over!

3. Buying an erotic audio prior to your first call with a Mistress can give you a ‘sense’ of her style, her voice and even some of her kinks. Keep in mind; audios are very specific and don’t always convey everything a Mistress enjoys. Make sure to visit each Mistress’s blog to really learn about them.

4. Having the ability to ‘pause’ can extend your guided masturbation session! A five minute audio can last for as long as you truly want it to!

5. If you’ve been considering a Custom Erotic Audio; purchasing one of our erotic audios will help you decide which voice is perfect for it!

Get your 50% off audio collection today! Don’t forget to reach out to any of our LDW Mistresses to request a Custom Audio recording, too!