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My Current Schedule:

April – AVAILABLE all month long!

I do most sessions BY APPOINTMENT: email me ( with your request (include a date and approximate time that works best for you and I’ll do my best to make it happen) or skype me (thescarletmistress) – otherwise; just call me when you see my line is ON (see that sexy phone on the right side of my screen? It tells you what my status is – red means I’m not here, green means you can call me, yellow means I’m busy)

What’s New? This is where I’ll be putting links to my guest blog posts, bios, audios, etc.

New Essay: Our Virtual Roleplay Lunch Date!redhairphone

**I created a new Amazon wishlist with recommended sex toys for YOU – Recommended Toys

** I have a new guest audio and blog post at Fem Dom Podcast – Want to Masturbate on Cam?

** My newest Shrinking Fetish themed erotic audio is available in the store! Shrinking Solution

Personal Gifts & Tips! Did you know; you can leave me a cash tip for our call? Just mention it to the dispatcher before we connect; or call them back after our call and they can add it to your charge. Also, I’m always adding new items to my Personal Amazon Wish List – or if you prefer I pick something out – just send an amazon e-gift card to – thank you!

Pre-Call Questionnaire: Don’t forget to fill out my pre-call form if you’d like me to know some things about you prior to our call.

Would you like to hear pre-recorded erotic audios? Here they all are: My Audio Store

I also make Custom Recorded Audios – send me a script and I’ll record it for you. Ask me about pricing.

~ Scarlet

A Cuckold’s Place

We need to talk about what’s going to happen tonight. We need to be clear about a cuckold’s place.

I'm Scarlet - For Cuckold Fantasies; Call Me at 1.800.601.6975We’ve already invited him over. He’ll be here at 8. We’ve already discussed and negotiated what our boundaries are. You agreed to “let” me do whatever I want; to have the pleasure that I’ve been missing. I’ve assured him that there won’t be any issues at all; that you’re accepting of your wife having a lover. He even asked me if I had any sexual limits; if there was anything that was “off the table”.

I told him no; I have no limits with him.

It might be hard sometimes. You might feel some cuckold jealousy. You’ll most likely have some sensations of inadequacy when you see us together. I’m certain you’ll feel inferior. That’s natural. It’s ok. Some of that is to be expected. I want you to just work through it. Don’t embarrass me.

Sweetie, there is one aspect of tonight that we haven’t really spoken about. Tonight, you’re becoming a cuckold. It’s not going to be just a fantasy that we talk about anymore. It’s going to be real. Forever. Permanent.

We need to talk about your place as a cuckold.

Yes, you’re my cuckold husband and I love you and care about you. But tonight; he’s first. My lover will be first. Your place is beneath him. You will answer to him, cater to him and you will be submissive to him.

This is what I want from you. Don’t embarrass me. Don’t try to act like an alpha. He is the alpha.

Remember honey, no matter what happens tonight, your place is beneath him.

Now, let’s go pick out something for me to wear.

Did you enjoy this cuckold fantasy? We can explore this fantasy and any others while we’re having a phone sex fantasy session or a live chat session. Let’s schedule some time together. I can’t wait.

Not able to make a call or have a live chat session right now? I understand. That’s why I’ve recorded these sexy erotic audios for you – listen anytime (note: I also make customs!):

My Date Tonight – Length: 8:44 Cost: $27
I’m home honey. I know we had a date planned but my lover called; that was more important. Let me tell you all about it while you clean my pussy.

Lucky Cuckold – Length: 7:57 Cost: $24
You are such a lucky cuckolded husband! I’ve brought home my lover, Rich to  teach you a brand new position! You’ll learn how to get his nine inch cock  hard and how to pleasure me as well! You lucky boy!

Valentine’s Cuckold – Length:  5:27  Cost: $18
Your wife is leaving you on Valentine’s day to be with her lover! She’s  spent all day at the spa and at the lingerie store getting herself ready  for a night of ecstasy; with your credit card! Wait until you hear what  your gift to her is and what she’ll be bringing home for you later.

Enchantrix Perks Program = Free Phone Sex!

Introducing the Enchantrix Perks Rewards Program!

As if we don’t already offer you the best phone sex in the world; we now offer a ‘frequent caller’ program! Many of you have asked me about this over the years and I’m so excited to announce it!
You can now get rewarded for all of the calls you make with LDW Group! Sign up for FREE for our Enchantrix Perks Rewards Program and you’ll earn points toward free calls with each call you make. Details about the Perks program, and the registration page, can be found at
Once you’ve signed up, just let your dispatcher know that you’re a Perks member, and your points will be credited to your account. If you’re doing a text session; please notify your Mistress that you’re a perks member.
Here’s How It Works!

Each dollar that you spend earns one point and those points will add up quickly for you. You may redeem your points for the following:*

  • 400 points =  $20 for the audio store
  • 500 points = 10-minute call
  • 600 points =  a special twice yearly chat hosted by Ms. Ally &  the Mistresses for Rewards Members Only
  • 1200 points =  30 minute call

I am just blown away by the generosity here at LDW! Let’s face it; you’re already making the calls and spending the money – this is just a super easy way to get more FREEBIES on top of that! I do hope you’ll take advantage of the new Enchantrix Perks program.

If you have any questions please email us at

Scarlet’s Back! Taking Calls & Live Chats All Weekend!

Nǐ hǎo xìnggǎn

I’m back from China! I’m filling my schedule now for today/tonight all through the weekend and even into next week – I have plenty of availability and I can’t wait to talk to YOU! Just email me ( to set something up, call me if you see my line on and available and/or message me LIVE on skype (thescarletmistress) to check in with me.

My trip to China was absolutely AMAZING! I had a wonderful time – I’ve been home for a couple of days and I’m refreshed, relaxed and no longer jet lagged!

Talk to you soon!

Zàijiàn yīngjùn


Follow Up: Small Penis Humiliation Task

Did you complete the Small Penis Humiliation task I set you out on in my blog post: Small Penis Humiliation Task: Magnum Condoms ?

I have been laughing my ass off since I wrote that post because several guys have actually called in to report on their completion of the task! Of course; I had much more for them to do once they had the condoms…………but I’ll keep that part under wraps 😉 If you want to know; you have to complete the task!

Here are some of my favorite quotes from these calls:

“Mistress I noticed the magnum ones were right in front of me but the ones I usually get were down on the bottom row.”

“She didn’t even look up when I told her they weren’t for me; I could see her trying not to laugh out loud.”

“My little clitty was so hard when I was just holding the box.”

“I put it on my penis and it was like ten sizes too big – it was so baggy.”

If you’ve completed the task, have questions about it or about condoms in general – just call me so we can have a discussion about it.  I also love to talk about penis size – about cock size – and about small penis humiliation. I won’t hold back.

Want some more recorded humiliation fun? Listen to my recorded erotic audios on this very subject:

Teeny Tiny Wager – Length:  4:49  Cost: $15
Mistress Scarlet wants to make a bet. Six inches or less than three inches? Care to play?

The Evil Escort – Length:  8:53  Cost: $27
The Evil Escort and the tiny dicked loser! He thought he was gonna get  laid! He paid for an entirely different experience!

Your Penis Is Too Small Honey – Length: 5:15 Cost: $18
Honey, it’s time you knew the truth. We’ve been married for three months and I just can’t stop thinking about it. You need to know. Your penis……it’s too small. I don’t want it anymore. I’ve got other plans. This audio is for the man that’s interested in small penis humiliation and cuckold scenarios.