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Scarlet’s Updates! Schedule & News……….

*** Scarlet’s Updates ***

Schedule Update: My schedule is going to be quite sporadic over the month of April – I’ll be traveling quite a bit through Thailand and won’t be available quite as often. Schedule an appointment with me by emailing me at during this time – or find me on Skype to chat – I won’t be 100% gone away!

Attention Spoilers! I’ve added new items to my Personal Amazon Wish List – If you don’t want to pick something out – just send me an amazon e-gift card to – thank you!

Have you added me on Skype yet? Why not?! It’s a fabulous way to schedule a session with me, say hi, see what I’m up to – go ahead – add me – it’s free! thescarletmistress

**Did you hear me on Whore School? Miss Harper and I talked all about CBT – it was so fun! You can listen to the recording of the podcast right here: Listen To Podcast

Regarding Yahoo IM – I upgraded to the new version of yahoo and I really don’t like it – so I have moved to skype – you can find me there as ‘thescarletmistress’ – feel free to add me!redhairphone

Message me on skype (thescarletmistress) or to my email if you’d like to pre-arrange a session or want to schedule an hour or more.

Don’t forget to fill out my pre-call form if you’d like me to know some things about you prior to our call.

We have a brand new sexy audio store! Take a peek at my 48 available audios – I will be making new ones in the coming months to add to the collection. My new link is: My Audio Store

I also make Custom Recorded Audios – send me a script and I’ll record it for you. Ask me about pricing.

XOXO ~ Scarlet

Get Naked For Me!

Listen to me Read This Blog Post To You.

More touring of the LDW Universe! Next stop:

Have you heard of CFnm? It may be something you already enjoy but you didn’t know there was a name for it! That happens a lot! CFnm stands for Clothed Female naked male. It literally means exactly what the words say! I’m dressed; you’re naked! There’s just something so very powerful about having you stand before me; stripped down to nothing. How do you think it will make you feel? Completely vulnerable? Exposed?

Will it excite you knowing that I’m getting off on My power as I sit here fully dressed? Because I do. Oh yes. I do.

I know Andrew H. absolutely loves CFnm; he emails me quite often begging to get on cam for me. I can’t always accommodate his needs but when I can; I end up laughing my ass off during most of the call! He is quite the exhibitionist; writing on his body for me, decorating himself, doing jumping jacks, posing! Sometimes……………..I even take pictures of him with my cell phone (of course he asks me to do it!)!

You may be interested in something similar or different than Andrew; let’s talk about some of the possibilities that we can enjoy during our CFnm phone or chat/Skype sessions:

  • Getting on webcam (on Skype!) during our session so you can:
    • get naked for me of course!
    • possibly a strip tease!
    • exposing your penis to me (or to many Mistresses one at a time during Pass the Penis!)
    • showing me your body
    • having me watch you masturbate
    • controlling your orgasm with me guiding
    • is cum eating on the menu?
    • getting that toy collection nice and dirty!
    • are you a cock/dildo sucker? show me!
    • panties? stockings? I love it all!
  • Fantasizing about being naked in front of _____ (fill in the blank!)
  • Tease & Denial – Games – Edging
  • Penis Evaluation & Measuring
  • Caught Wearing Panties
  • Group Exposure Fantasies – How Many Women Are Watching?
  • Humiliation Actions: Want to make me laugh; there are plenty of ways to entertain me!
  • Exposure Fantasies
  • Sharing CFnm stories (read about a CFnm party I attended)


Sex Toy Review: The Womanizer

It’s been a long time since I’ve tried a new sex toy. Honestly; I’ve been a very lucky girl when it comes to already having a delicious collection of toys! As a single girl I’m often taking things ‘in my own hands’ so to speak and this collection certainly helps with that.

About a month ago; I read a sex toy review of something called ‘The Womanizer’. I had seen this toy online and even in a store before but I didn’t give it much attention. I really hate the name; it reminds me of that Brittany Spears song and of course, of a playboy womanizer! However, the review that I read said that this toy felt like…………..”Oral sex resulting in multiple orgasms”. That’s all I needed to hear to get me to add it to my Amazon Wish List!

It wasn’t very long before I was on the phone opening this item with My favorite slave on the phone. Oh it’s very pretty with roses and a swarovski crystal. I have to admit; I loved teasing him by telling him I couldn’t use it until it had at least an entire night’s charge! I plugged it in and it blinked an awful neon green, then went solid – teasing me with it’s newness as it sat on my kitchen counter for not one night, but two!

The second night, I was on the phone with My slave again and I had to keep myself from screaming out every curse word in my vocabulary as the little silicone ring sucked onto my clit and had me orgasming in under a minute! Did you hear me? Under. A. Minute. I had absolutely no orgasm control whatsoever; this toy just took over!

Since then, I haven’t used the womanizer every day but I have used it at least six times. Every time gets even more amazing. Firstly; it’s not a vibrator. It does have a soft vibration to it but the part that really gets the job done is the ‘sucking’ that’s created once you place the silicone ring around your clit. I can barely get past the 2nd setting and I’m pretty sure there are at least ten! Every time I use it; that first contact with my clit and the power button and my eyes are rolling! This thing is truly amazing. I can’t imagine using it with a partner or during penetration unfortunately; it’s really something that needs precision contact.

I know My slave would love to imagine himself being between my porcelain thighs providing that sucking action with his mouth (pussy worship isn’t part of our dynamic tsk tsk.). But no. He’s lucky he gets to be my leg and foot slave.

Now, where did I put that charger? I think I know who’s sharing my bed with me tonight!

Happy Phone Sex Anniversary To Me!

Wow does time fly when a girl’s having fun! I am reminded once again that it is my phone sex anniversary here at LDW group!

Listen to Me read this blog post to you.

Every year I reflect back to when I first started here; I’ll admit….just a tiny bit nervous. Keep in mind, this was a long time ago, we’re talking 7 years now! I was versed in BDSM and kink; but I had never used that part of my life in a professional way. I had no idea there were so many kinks and fetishes that I didn’t even know about! So I thought today; in my happy anniversary post, that I might share just a few of the more ‘surprising’ fetishes that I’ve encountered since being here:

  • The Giantess Fetish! This was totally new to me! It makes sense that this would be a fetish best played with on the phone or even in sexy texting sessions. What is it? Well, it’s when a man is about the size of a bug! Like maybe 1/2 and inch or up to 2 inches. Of course; I’m a Giantess or you might recognize the term Amazon woman!! I have found these fantasies to be SO creative; I’ve really had fun exploring and learning more about it. Curious about this shrinking fetish? Visit Giantess Island to see my profile there.
  • Pass The Penis! I remember the first time I heard about this game! I was so curious! It’s really just like having a party where a guy is teased and toyed with by me and my girlfriends; except it’s on the phone! What a kinky way to get attention from so many women! I love it! Want to try the Pass the Penis game? Read about Pass The Penis here.
  • Coached Cum Eating! While this wasn’t new to me personally; I had absolutely no idea just how popular this was in the phone sex world! SO many men have called me over the years for guidance; it’s unbelievable. I’ve become a little bit popular as an amazing cum eating coach – want to give it a try? Coached Cum Eating

Thank you for being a part of my anniversary! I love it here – I love talking with you – and I can’t wait to continue exploring and learning together for many years to come!

P.S. – if you’re the type of guy that loves to send celebration gifts – my wish list is always available and of course; virtual bouquets are awesome!

I’m Naming Your Little Thing

I’ve Been Thinking About Your Penis.

Listen to Me read this blog post for you.

Not in the same way as I think about alpha cocks; that’s for sure! No, I’ve been thinking about how your penis needs to receive more humiliation and small cock teasing! I’ve been thinking that I’ve been entirely too nice to it. I want to be clear, I want to make sure there’s absolutely no question as to what I really think about your very small dick.

So, I’ve decided to name it!

We’ve talked in the past about using different terms for your penis – for instance; I’ll never call it a big cock or use the words huge, thick, satisfying or even long. I’ll also never ask to be fucked by it, to suck it or to ride it. You’ll also never hear me beg for more, ask you not to stop or beg you to shoot your cum all over me. So, what if I was able to stop saying ‘it’ or your ‘small dick’? What if I could give it a name to signify it’s non-importance? To remind you of my opinion each time I mention it?

What Will I Name It?

Hmmmm.  It might take me a little bit to come up with the perfect name. It may come to me the next time I let you jerk it with your thumb and forefinger and you’re begging and crying to be allowed to dribble. It might have the words tiny, little, junior, baby, itty bitty or even the word teeny in it! I’m sure I’ll come up with just the right name for it!

Has It Already Been Named?

Oh my! It just occurred to me – you’ve suffered from having a tiny dick your whole life! It probably already has a name! C’mon – tell me what it is! Don’t be shy! Don’t hold back….I really want to know!

Post here in the comments section………….or call me and tell me in our next phone sex session or our next sexy texting session. You know you can get on cam for me too right? I can’t wait to hear what it is! If for some crazy reason it hasn’t yet been named………..I will come up with a ‘little’ something just for you!