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Scarlet’s Updates ~ News ~ Thank You Notes ~ Schedule

I am a completely spoiled Mistress! Thank you to my special slave m for making sure I’m safe on the road and sending me some new tires for my car – thank you m!

And thank you to Jim for making sure I look hot on the beach this summer with my new soft pink bikini!

I’m so excited that I have a guest blog post on the sexy Mistress Meredith’s blog! Read all about our Beach Visit!

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The second edition of  Scarlet Letters  is up! I need more submissions; so get those hot stories in!

Have you ever filled out my Pre-Call Questionnaire – even if you’ve called me before; you are welcome to fill this out! It is a fantastic way to tell me something you might not be able to say over the phone (like what naughty names you like to be called!) or about a specific fantasy you’d really like to play out. I save all of the pre-call forms I receive so feel free to ask me to look it up when you call or to even schedule an appointment after sending your form in; that way it’s fresh in my mind and I can use everything in it against you! Errr…..I mean to seduce you! 😉

Did you know I can watch you on Skype or Yahoo? Show off for me on cam anytime we’re on the phone; I love watching!

Look for me on Yahoo – enchantrixscarlet – or send me an email to schedule an appointment. You can always come right here to my blog and see if my ‘sign’ says ‘Available’ (green) – ‘Away’ (red) – or ‘On The Phone’ (yellow).

Want to hear my voice anytime? I have 48 audios available for you to purchase and listen to over…and over….and over! See them all and hear samples HERE. I also make Custom Audios; you can provide me with the script or I can write it for you. Message me to discuss.

I look forward to talking with you soon!

XOXO ~ Scarlet

$25 in FREE Phone Sex – May 14th & 15th – Here’s How!

freecallsThis is SO exciting I can’t wait to tell you all about how you can have $25 in FREE phone sex on May 14th or May 15th! Here’s the official page about the FREE CALLS.

Consider it a celebration! LDW group has moved into the mobile world; which simply means you can access our most popular site(s) using your cell device more easily. If you haven’t been to cock control in a while (it’s our most visited website out of the over fifty fetish specific sites that we offer); take a look at it using your mobile and see how easy it is to navigate! I love that we are in the ‘digital realm’ and making it easier and easier for you to have the hottest phone sex possible.

So, how do you get this $25 in FREE phone sex with absolutely no strings attached; just hot and naughty phone sex!? It’s easy!

Who Can Get It?

Anyone who has EVER called and paid for our service in the past can take advantage of this offer. Seriously; even if it was several years ago and it was just a ten minute call – YOU get $25 in free phone sex.

How Much Phone Sex Do I Get?

$25 worth absolutely FREE on EACH day (that means you can call once per day and get the freebie each day!)! Seriously. That’s literally ten minutes of your call that you won’t be charged for. Call in for 25 minutes; only get charged for 15! It’s really an amazing offer and I hope you’ll take advantage of it.

How Do I Get It?

Call on March 14th or March 15th and let the dispatcher know you’d like your $25 in free call time and be connected to the LDW Phone Fantasy Mistress of your choice! I will be available quite a lot; especially in the evenings – I encourage you to call if you see me available here on my page (watch for the green ‘Available’ sign on the right column of your screen); because it’s sure to be a very busy couple of days.

Lingerie Shopping and Dating; One And The Same?

Listen to Mistress Scarlet Read This Blog Post

Now that I’m a single girl on the town; I’m realizing that the selection of men is endless!

It reminscarletpanties1ds me of lingerie shopping; so many choices! How’s a girl to pick just one? The truth is…….I don’t have to pick just one! I’m in charge and I can have an entire collection of…….lingerie (and men!).

When choosing a man; there are many considerations that are the same as choosing a piece of lingerie. When I’m fingering a sexy piece of material (or sizing up a male); I’m always thinking of these main things….

The Right Fit?

Is this camisole going to fit my body perfectly? Is it going to be just the right amount of snugness over my breasts? I like a little bit of spill over; don’t you? When I’m Bra Shopping; sometimes I’ll go a cup size smaller just to get that nice, tight sensation. When it comes to men;I wonder if he’ll fit. Does he have a bulge in his pants or is it a smoothed out zipper area? Sometimes I can tell just by looking but sometimes I just have to try it on for myself to make sure!

Sometimes a girl knows what her preferred size is but every once in a while is willing to give something new a try!

Luxurious Materials?

I prefer the top of the line in quality. If I’m out on the town I rarely find myself dipping into my wallet; I like to find a man that knows how to shower me in luxury. Speaking of luxury; the material must be the absolute best! Silk is amazing against my body but occasionally; I want something a bit rougher. Know what I mean? My panty fetish can only be satisfied by new panties…..all the time!

Keep or Return?

Once in a while; I’ll buy an outfit just so I can take it home and try it on. If I like it; I’ll add it to my collection. If I don’t; I’ll just return it to the store. It’s nice to be able to take my time running my fingers over every inch, embracing the fit, learning how to adjust the straps and sometimes……. even falling in love with it.

Want to see what kind of lingerie I like? Just visit my Amazon wish list; you can even send me a little something for me to try on! I can’t wait for our next phone sex call; let’s try each other on…shall we?

Pretty Girls And Dirty Words

Listen to this blog – Recorded by The Scarlet Mistress

Remember when naughty words were followed by Punishment from authority? Usually a school marm or the school nun inflicted a behavioral correction if you were caught! I remember being caught once and having to bite a bar of soap!

Oh, but how things have changed! Being allowed to utter any word you want; with no repercussion? Yet as a society we still find a certain grouping of words as ‘The Dirty Words’. George Carlin did a great comedy piece about the “list”. Some of the words on his list are much more commonly used now than then; we’ve also added some words to the list haven’t we?

I Love To Talk Dirty!

scarletstanding“The words I’m talking about….what are these words that I’m talking about? They’re just words that we’ve decided not to use all the time. That’s about the only thing you can say about them for sure! We just won’t use them allllllll the time.” – George Carlin

It’s true; the reactions we get when we utter or hear these words are so very different with each person! What about when you hear your Lifestyle Mistress saying these words? A well spoken woman can get her point across without using vulgarity; she’ll hold onto the use of a dirty word until that perfect moment. Isn’t there just something so sexy about hearing a beautiful woman speak a very filthy word? So far, you haven’t heard me utter a single one, yet you feel as though I have – don’t you?

Wouldn’t you love to hear me say……..mmmmm I’m being a bit of a cock tease aren’t I?

OK, here’s one dirty word for you……fuck. The truth is; fuck is my favorite dirty word. My favorite hobby, too of course.

Call me if you want to hear more – let’s talk dirty together.


Cheeky Panties: A Panty Mistress Recommendation!

cheekypantyI’ve recorded this blog post for you: Listen Here.

It’s no secret that I love my panty boys and cross dressing men. I have written here on my blog about it many times and have even made some erotic audios about panties.

Panty Shopping At The Mall

This weekend; I was with some of my girlfriends at the mall and we decided to give Victoria’s Secret a visit. Oh my goodness just walking into that store should make my credit card over-spending alert go off! I mean seriously; a store filled with every kind of sexy undergarment a girl (or guy!) could want to wear! Not to mention their delicious body creams, perfumes and sleepwear. I could literally spend a fortune there; actually, I know a few of you are ‘Pink’ card carriers! I haven’t taken that step but I do love to go when they’re having a panty sale!

Cheekies & Cheekinis!

I love to give my panty wearers recommendations for new panties to try so while I was shopping for myself; I did some browsing for you too! I wanted to pick out a panty that would be the right cut and fit for a body type with that extra ‘something’ in the front. I let my fingertips touch several different types but it was the cheeky and cheekinis that really caught my attention. I think the cheekies would especially show off your curves! They come in an endless selection of patterns and colors, some with lace and cut outs; the ‘bow back cheeky panty’ though are the ones I could totally imagine any guy wearing (note: they do come in black OR pink!).


Want to talk more about your love of panties with a Panty Mistress? Interested in being Exposed For Mistress? Showing me your panties on webcam? Contact me so we can schedule a fun panty phone or text session!

P.S. – want to see some of my favorite panties? View my Amazon Wish List; I’ve added some new dreamy pairs!