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Scarlet’s Updates! Schedule & News……….

My Current Schedule:

Schedule: I’m available for phone sessions & skype chat sessions (I can also watch YOUR cam!) every day in October!

I do most sessions BY APPOINTMENT: email me ( or skype me (thescarletmistress) – otherwise; just call me when you see my line is ON (see that sexy phone on the right side of my screen? It tells you what my status is – red means I’m not here, green means you can call me, yellow means I’m busy)

What’s New? This is where I’ll be putting links to my guest blog posts, bios, audios, etc.redhairphone

**I created a new Amazon wishlist with recommended sex toys for YOU – Recommended Toys

** I have a new guest audio and blog post at Fem Dom Podcast – Want to Masturbate on Cam?

** My newest Shrinking Fetish themed erotic audio is available in the store! Shrinking Solution

Personal Gifts & Tips! Did you know; you can leave me a cash tip for our call? Just mention it to the dispatcher before we connect; or call them back after our call and they can add it to your charge. Also, I’m always adding new items to my Personal Amazon Wish List – or if you prefer I pick something out – just send an amazon e-gift card to – thank you!

Pre-Call Questionnaire: Don’t forget to fill out my pre-call form if you’d like me to know some things about you prior to our call.

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~ Scarlet

Mistress Get Together!!!

We had one of our amazing Mistress get togethers over the weekend! I just returned and I was going to write a blog post and tell you all about it when I noticed the sexy Mistress Erika had already written one! So, with her permission, I’m re-posting her blog here on mine!

See Mistress Erika’s Blog HERE……………………………………………


What do you get when you have some Sexy Mistresses, a wickedly smart and sexy Head Mistress Ally, a couple of dispatchers all under the same roof? What you have my friend, is a TNT ,explosive good time! Or also known as pussies at play! This past weekend was LDW / Echantrix’s trip. Along with some hot dispatchers Tanya, Kim and Paula there’s been little sleep and tons of sexy fun! Come along to the Berkshires with me as I dish a bit on this fantastic trip!!

Sexy Mistresses

Sensual Mistress Scarlet I found is not only sexy as hell, but has a fantastic sense of humor!   She had me laughing at the word go! Did you tell her you love sexy ladies talking about you? Well if you did, then certainly she did chat you up! I heard so many stories about what fun she has with you. Of course a Mistress never giggles and tells all, so your secrets are safe with me!

Goddess Lilly is awesome and her voice is AH-MAZING! If you haven’t heard her voice, you really should hear Sexy Mistress Lilly’s voice! Her voice really beguiles her sadistic nature. But as she explained to me, she’s a cheerful or playful sadist! Truly

Sexy Mistresses

Sexy Enchantrix Mistresses

loving the BDSM scene. Here eyes twinkle when discussing her various impact play implements.

Mistress Mandy drove in to the sexy weekend retreat with John, since by comparison she’s a local! Well, what can I say about a sexy sultry woman who has it all? Sexy Mistress Mandy is totally banging and amazingly brilliant!  Her smoking hot eyes, capture you and draw you in.  I found myself deeply enveloped in conversations ,peppered with clever pithy quips, I could talk with her all day! I certainly understand why you would too!

Sexy Mistresses and Fall Fun

Of course there were long conversations out on the deck in brisk fall air. Well brisk fall air is certainly subjective with the northern acclimated Mistress thinking it’s too hot! Being of a more temperate climate I found the weather to be pleasantly cool. Others not so much, and found it to be too warm!

There were games being played and last night with raucous round of Cards Against Humanity! What outrageous sexy time we had! Wine and spirits were flowing freely and I’m afraid I had one glass of wine too many!

Seeing the local sites, the general store that’s been there for over a hundred years! The house we were in was built in the late 1700’s! Visiting a local ski resort for snow-less fun, smiles and laughs abound! Chair lift rides, mountain coasters, zip lining the fun just keeps on going! Mistress Scarlet just stopped by as I was writing this , she say’s Hi to all of you and she’s going to go back on the ski lift to tease and deny the sexy guy’s running the lift!

Fun Continued

I also got to meet dispatchers Tanya, Kim and Paula. Lovely fun and smart they were entertaining with stories of their families. It was great face to face bonding time with the ladies I see all the time, when I log in for your calls!

The amazing Head Mistress Ally. I couldn’t sleep last night, kept tossing and turning (too much fun and wine!) I heard something and went to go and investigate. Head Mistress Ally was up  and we ended up outside in the wee hours, enjoying the cool Berkshire air and chatting. She is an fabulous woman, and I learned about the beginnings of LDW. I was so enthralled and captivated by her energy and journey the hours slipped away like minutes, and  the next thing I know the sun was coming up!

All in all, it’s been a fantastic trip. I’m so glad I came and even more happy I joined LDW last December! Speaking of December, it’s my one year anniversary! Stay tuned for more fun come November 1 when I roll out my new Strokers rewards!

Thank you Erika! It was such a pleasure to meet you –  I can’t wait to have some amazing two Mistress calls with you and to hang out again in the very near future!

Femdom Humiliation 2 Mistress Phone Sex Adventures With Miss Brighton

femdom humiliation

Mistress Brighton has femdom humiliation fun on a two mistress phone sex call with Miss Scarlet. 1-800-601-6975

The absolutely incredibly sexy Mistress Brighton of has shared her experience during our last two girl phone session! We had such an amazing time!

Read on to see what she had to say about it………………….

I had the ORGASMIC pleasure of doing a two mistress call with the lovely and wicked Mistress Scarlet, and her piggy aka “the human run-on sentence.” This particular little piggy enjoys femdom humiliation, and we had a good laugh at his expense.

Femdom Humiliation

What does a piggy slave do to entertain not one, but TWO femdoms? Whatever the fuck we tell him to! That include sexy Scarlet telling him when to speak, when to shut the fuck up; me encouraging him to oink like a pig – which he did on command – and when he was not ordered to be silent while the two Mistresses were getting caught up, he was given the opportunity to show his devotion and adoration to Miss Scarlet, by thanking her for the privilege of being humiliated by us, during our two mistress session.

Two Mistress Femdom Humiliation

Piggy gushing his thanks and making a complete fool of himself, is how he got the name “the human run-on sentence.” When I tell you that you literally have to tell piggy to STFU or motor mouth will keep going like the energizer bunny, I am not kidding! I was laughing so hard by the time he finished his motor mouthed ramble that I won’t need to do abdominal exercises for a week now. And that wasn’t even the best part. This little piggy also entertained by slapping its balls for us, and hitting the highest note I’ve ever heard a man – or lack thereof – hit, in my life. My sides still hurt from making him slap his balls for me and hearing the high pitched shrieks that came from him as he followed his orders.

Miss Scarlet is A LOT of fun to do two mistress femdom humiliation calls with, so if you ever catch us both on, take the plunge! Schedule a two mistress phone sex call with us, at 1-800-601-6975. Just ask for Scarlet and Brighton! See you soon!


Mistress Brighton

The Freckle Journal

Mistress Scarlet - 1.800.601.6975They say life is in the small moments. I believe that. When I have a fantasy; it’s not always about being a lifestyle femdom or even about sex. Sometimes……it’s just about connection……………..

His fingertip was barely moving.

I watched him intently. His fingertip exploring the area of my right hip. He was lying on his side with my ass pressed up against his chest and his head resting along my waist.

We’d been in bed for what felt like days but was probably only an hour or so. We weren’t recovering from a vigorous sex romp; we were just enjoying each other.

Intimacy. Touch. Closeness. Trust.

His fingertip slid about half an inch further down. Then to the right half an inch. Then up a quarter of an inch. Then back.

He leaned forward and placed a kiss at the juncture of my hip and my waist; using his strong hand to turn me onto my back.

His fingertips found that place again; there, on my hip. His eyes soft and focused. Fingertip moving again, down a bit, up a bit. Again, one lazy kiss in one soft spot.

He looked up at me then. His dark brown eyes connecting with mine. He smiled. That smile that melted me. He shook his head side to side and sighed. I asked, ‘What is it?”.

He said, ‘It’s time to update the freckle journal. There’s a new one.’

I hope you enjoyed my fantasy. It may have been a memory. Who knows anymore. Do you want to explore my body in a worship session or perhaps you’d like to just try foot worship? Let’s schedule some pillow talk soon.

Sex Toys: I Know What You Need

Mistress Scarlet - 1.800.601.6975Do you want to try a sex toy? I know what you need! All you have to do is describe to me the feeling you want to have and I’ll help you pick something out. You might be wondering what I mean about ‘the feeling you want to have’. Well, it’s simple. Sometimes when I’m turned on I want to feel a certain something; perhaps a powerful clitoral orgasm (the womanizer is the toy for explosive clitoral orgasmsread my review here!) or I may want the sensation of having penetration. It’s always something different.

What feeling are you looking for?

Do you want to feel ‘full’ inside?

Do you want to feel harder – longer (a cock ring will help)?

Do you want to feel like you’re sucking ‘the real thing’ (I recommend a suction cup toy!)?

Do you need help finding and stimulating your ‘P’ spot (prostate gland – butt plug)?

Do you want to be able to take a ‘bigger’ cock (anal stretchers and dildos could be the key)?

Do you want to find something nice and slippery to use (lube is awesome!) so you can feel that ‘in and out’ sensation?

Do you want your female lover to have amazing orgasms (I put a couple of items in the list just for her!)?

I’ve taken the time to create a special Amazon Wish List called Scarlet’s Suggestions – I’ve added some items that I recommend (although for honesty’s sake I have NOT tried all of these items) – so go thee and order something for yourself! Also, if you are looking for a recommendation for a sex toy, lube, etc. – just ask me! I’ll add something to the list for you and that can keep this recommended sex toy list growing!

I’d love to hear and/or watch you using any of these toy recommendations during a guided masturbation session!

P.S. – don’t forget to take a peek at my Personal Wish List while you’re there – I do love to be spoiled!