Scarlet’s Updates! Schedule & News……….

Scarlet’s Updates ~ News ~ Thank You Notes ~ SchI need a real MANedule

Mistress will be on vacation 8/24 – 8/27 and unavailable for calls or text sessions. I will answer emails when I return.

I have a new Erotic Audio in the store just for YOU! It’s nearly twenty minutes of a Strict, Severe Punishment! Whips, paddles, leather, oh my!

Oh we are in full summertime swing here in beautiful South Florida! I’ve been spending a lot of time outside with my girlfriends. Expect to see me around a LOT this summer – I have been having so much fun on the phone lately – I look forward to hearing from you. I’ve created a new wish list just for the summer: Scarlet’s Summer Wishlist

I’m currently looking to schedule a cruise – want to help finance it? You can send a Carnival e-gift card to – I’d really appreciate it!

If you want to spoil me in other ways, please  Visit My Amazon Wish List 

Look for me on Yahoo – enchantrixscarlet – or send me an email to schedule an appointment. You can always come right here to my blog and see if my ‘sign’ says ‘Available’ (green) – ‘Away’ (red) – or ‘On The Phone’ (yellow).

Want to hear my voice anytime? I have 40 audios available for you to purchase and listen to over…and over….and over! See them all and hear samples HERE. I also make Custom Audios; you can provide me with the script or I an write it for you. Message me to discuss.

Have you been thinking about giving Me a call for the first time? I recommend clicking on the link above – Pre-Call Questionnaire – fill that out and email it to me. That way, I’ll know more about you when we connect for the first time.

I look forward to talking with you soon!

XOXO ~ Scarlet

Free Audios? It’s True! New Ones Just For You!

As you know; my 4 year anniversary with LDW was earlier this year. I realized that it’s been nearly that long since I’ve freshened up my bio audios for you! I couldn’t keep the same old stuff; I needed to make some hot, fresh ones for you! Here’s the list of everything that’s new from me around the LDW universe:

(just click the links for New Bios and New Audios)

Cock ControlNew Bio & New Audio! I know you need me to control your cock. That is why you’re here isn’t it? You’re home or maybe at the office, stroking yourself and wishing there was someone that could tell you exactly what to do – aren’t you? It’s my delicious pleasure to not only guide you in your masturbation, but to make you feel like I am right there. I’m right there with you.

Cuckold FantasiesNew Bio & New Audio! I know you’ve been imagining your life as a cuckold; all of the directions in which it might go. Will you be present when I’m making love with another man or perhaps you’ll just be listening on the phone while I’m at a slut wife gang bang? I understand that your cuckolding notions may be on the more sensual and seductive side; I can be a gentle and loving cuckoldress for you.

Phone HumiliationNew Bio & New Audio! I know there’s something inside of you that needs to hear my voice pressing those hot buttons. Thoughts and fantasies are causing you emotional pain while bringing your cock intense joy. Why do you find it so arousing? Why can’t you stop thinking about it? Does it matter? I’m not here to question why these things turn you on; I’m here to figure out how I can use them to bring you to your knees!

Coached Cum EatingNew Bio & New Audio! I can’t even tell you how much I love the thought of helping you enjoy the taste of your own cum! I was introduced to cum eating several years ago when I had a lover that would always go down on me after giving me his cream pie. I couldn’t believe how erotic it was! Soon, I discovered LDW and learned all about coached cum eating and just how addicting it is.

I hope you’ve enjoyed listening!

The Joy Of Saying ‘No’

Mistress Says No

Would you rather Listen To This Blog Post?

I find great joy in using the word ‘no’. It’s a powerful word with oh, so much meaning behind it. As a woman; I was raised to always try to say yes, to find ways to provide whatever it was that a man needed. To say yes, I want to have sex. Yes, I want to suck your cock. Yes, you can cum anytime and anywhere you want to!

As an adult, as a female dominant, I have taken hold of the power of the word NO. It took a long time to be able to use the word fluidly; to not feel a bit of guilt when I said it. I think it’s only natural for it to feel unusual flowing off of my tongue when I was so used to always saying yes!

I use the word NO quite a bit during my Tease and Denial phone and text sessions. I think most men are also used to receiving a positive response when asking a female a question. To now hear a sexy female dominant saying no? Wow; it’s powerful isn’t it? If you’re listening to me as I’ve recorded this blog for you; imagine hearing me say these things directly to you…………

No, you may not call me by my first name.

No, you may not take your cock out of your underpants.

No, you may not stroke your cock without my permission.

No, you may not worship my body with your mouth.

No, you may not fuck me.

No, you may not cum today.

No, you may not cum tomorrow.

No, you may not cum this week…….next week……this month!

Of course; what’s the use of the word No if I don’t use the word Yes sometimes, too? ;)

Yes, you may call me by my first name.

Yes, you may take your cock out of your underpants.

Yes, you may stroke your cock.

Yes, you may worship my body with your mouth.

Yes, you may fuck me.

Yes, you may cum today.

You only wish you could hear me say all of those ‘yes’ phrases!

Give me a call and see what mood I’m in today. Am I in a ‘No’ mood or a ‘Yes’ mood?

Cum Eating Training With Me!


Would you rather Listen To This Blog Post?

I often find myself on a phone sex call with someone that is brand new to the idea of Eating Their Own Cum. It’s not something that a lot of men have thought of but when you’re looking for ways to change your masturbation routine; your own cum might seem like an interesting possibility! A lot of men find me on the LDW website called Coached Cum Eating; where the Mistresses have written bios and recorded audios to help entice you to follow through!

Coached Cum Eating

I personally have a cum eating training method that I like to employ. I have created it and developed it over the years by trying different things and seeing what works. I have found that there are steps and methods of training that can pretty much guarantee the cum eating follow through (as opposed to hanging up before letting me hear that slurping sound!) I can’t go through the specifics of cum eating training here because I’d really prefer to do it with you on the phone; but let’s just say that the success rate has been in the upper 90 percentile.

90% Success Rate!

What I’ve been noticing lately; is that a lot of the men that were cum eating virgins originally have now added cum eating to their masturbation routines on a regular basis! I always told them that they would become addicted to it – I don’t think they believed me! Do you believe me?

Become Addicted

I’m a very convincing Mistress and I truly do enjoy encouraging you to follow through with your kinky cum eating desires. From cum eating to anal exploration, from cock and ball torture to weaving an entire phone sex fantasy – I’m your Mistress!

Summer Lovin’ – Havin’ A Bla-ast!


Toes In The Sand

Oh my goodness is it ever gonna be a hot summer here in South Florida! It’s early July and already the temperatures are rising – rising – rising! You know what else happens when the heat is on?

The Clothes come off!

That’s my favorite part of summer; being able to practically live full time in my bikini….or less! Here in South Florida; we even have some all nude beaches. I don’t frequent them, but I have certainly visited them with my group of kinky friends!

Have You Been To A Nude Beach?

Now, I do have to be very careful when it comes to too much exposure to the sun. I am, after all, a fair haired and porcelain skinned goddess so I have to be slathered in sunscreen whenever I spend a day out on the ocean or lounging by the pool. Some would say that I don’t hold a tan; but I do freckle! Care to keep track of them for me?

If you’d like some ideas of how you can serve your Goddess in the summer; here’s a list of ideas for our next phone call and in between:

- Offer to provide a Body Worship session to slather sunscreen all over my delicious body – don’t miss a spot!

- Be a cabana boy for me and my girlfriends. I love a submissive man that can wear a cute little speedo while serving ice cold beverages!

- Take some time to send me something from my brand new – Scarlet’s Summer Wishlist on Amazon! These are all items that I would love to have – and I love, love gifts!

- Foot rubs! Oh how I love foot worship! After being in my flip flops all day long; a nice juicy foot rub is always a treat!

I look forward to having a hot summer – with you! Give me a call or let’s have a Sexy Texting session soon!