Do you think I’m small?

I know you’ve been wanting to ask me. Are you too nervous honey? It’s ok. I want to tell you the truth; to be the first woman that’s really honest with you. I have no reason to lie to you, to reassure you when you don’t deserve it, to keep you feeling like a man. No, if you ask me the question; I’m going to give you the answer. Even if you’re not into extreme sph; we can play around with more sensual play.

Want to know something interesting? Men with big dicks don’t ask this question.

It’s pretty standard that by adulthood; men know what they’re packing. You’ve shared a locker room, seen other guys in their thin gym shorts, watched online porn, etc. You already know whether or not you’re average, large or small. It’s one thing to have your own opinion but it’s quite another to hear it from a woman; especially a woman like me. Yes, it’s true, I’ve seen a fair share of penises – of ALL sizes. I’m still shocked though; often a guy will think he’s ‘average’ when he’s truly well below or even small. Like I said before; a guy with a big dick – well, he knows he has a big dick.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead. Ask me.

In the meantime; I went back through my blog posts and it turns out this is a topic I’ve talked a lot about! Here are some past blog posts that are about small penises:

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