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Have you heard of CFnm? It may be something you already enjoy but you didn’t know there was a name for it! That happens a lot! CFnm stands for Clothed Female naked male. It literally means exactly what the words say! I’m dressed; you’re naked! There’s just something so very powerful about having you stand before me; stripped down to nothing. How do you think it will make you feel? Completely vulnerable? Exposed?

Will it excite you knowing that I’m getting off on My power as I sit here fully dressed? Because I do. Oh yes. I do.

I know Andrew H. absolutely loves CFnm; he emails me quite often begging to get on cam for me. I can’t always accommodate his needs but when I can; I end up laughing my ass off during most of the call! He is quite the exhibitionist; writing on his body for me, decorating himself, doing jumping jacks, posing! Sometimes……………..I even take pictures of him with my cell phone (of course he asks me to do it!)!

You may be interested in something similar or different than Andrew; let’s talk about some of the possibilities that we can enjoy during our CFnm phone or chat/Skype sessions:

  • Getting on webcam (on Skype!) during our session so you can:
    • get naked for me of course!
    • possibly a strip tease!
    • exposing your penis to me (or to many Mistresses one at a time during Pass the Penis!)
    • showing me your body
    • having me watch you masturbate
    • controlling your orgasm with me guiding
    • is cum eating on the menu?
    • getting that toy collection nice and dirty!
    • are you a cock/dildo sucker? show me!
    • panties? stockings? I love it all!
  • Fantasizing about being naked in front of _____ (fill in the blank!)
  • Tease & Denial – Games – Edging
  • Penis Evaluation & Measuring
  • Group Exposure Fantasies – How Many Women Are Watching?
  • Humiliation Actions: Want to make me laugh; there are plenty of ways to entertain me!
  • Exposure Fantasies
  • Sharing CFnm stories (read about a CFnm party I attended)