I am always just so thrilled when I hear from someone new and they remind me of an old blog post that I wrote and recorded. I often wonder how on earth did they find them in the first place? Well, it’s all because of the wonderful search engines that my phone sex fem domme articles are accessible to all! They include my naughty little blog articles and that makes me feel like my ideas, my thoughts, my kinky creations could reach anyone – anywhere – anytime!

Want to know which three blog posts are mentioned the most? It’s easy for me to think of three because they really are the most common ones that I hear about; even if they may be years old! The ideas are still the same, the Mistress sexiness is exact and the honest content – well, I think that’s what keeps getting found in ‘the goog’! Here they are in absolutely no particular order; I hope you have fun re-reading or re-listening to them or maybe even finding it for the first time!

I Love Porn – mmmmm. It’s true. I really do love watching porn – I especially enjoy finding out what turns you on. What are your favorite genres? Do we have some in common? I bet we do!

Cum Eating – Does Pre-Cum Count? – oh this one is so amazing; if I do say so myself! Often I’m asked for guidance and assistance with cum eating and this is a question that comes up – A LOT! What do you think? What do I think? Check out the blog post to find out!

What Are My Favorite Types of Calls? – I know you’ve been wondering! Well, I’ve answered this quite often here on my blog but this is the one that seems to really cover it!


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