This blog post took a bit for me to write because i kept googling ‘dick pics’ and got distracted!

Anyway – some of the other ladies and I were talking recently about your dick. LOL Seriously – we were talking about dick pics! Obviously; we love seeing your dick while we’re in a sexy phone or live chat session – whether it be on webcam or via pics attached to an email – but this – oh this is a new twist!

We actually WANT you to send us your dick pic so we can review them together! LOL Can you imagine? Two or more of us on the phone with you (or in live chat on skype) telling you what we really think about your dick. This can be an honest review; for example – do you want to know if your dick is fuckable? Suckable? Desirable? Do you want to know if we like the shape, the size, the length, the girth? Or do you want some awesome devious sph (small dick humiliation)? Oh honey; this is gonna be fun!

So, all of us here at LDW will do this with you any day, any time – but, in honor of our Anniversary Promo of 2 girl Tuesday in November (2 Mistresses for the price of 1 for the first 10 minutes of your session; just ask the dispatcher); we thought – how awesome to have TWO Mistresses actually rate your dick? Here are the ladies that have joined in for this:

Now; this does NOT mean you can just send us your dick pics. LOL Make sure we consent and agree to receiving them! If you’re calling in to talk with us; go ahead and email us your dick pic! Or, if you want to be on skype – make sure we’re all connected there before we connect. And yes, we can do this completely on skype via live chat if that works best for you to hear our opinions.

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