You want to worship my feet while I’m on calls.

During our last phone sex fantasy call you asked me if I would enjoy having you worship my feet while I took calls. Remember? OMG! I squealed! That is such an exciting thought! I really have a foot fetish; well, on the receiving end!  I’m often on the phone for hours a day; usually relaxing in my bed and sinking into a fantasy. Sometimes, I sit in my big, comfy desk chair and prop my feet up on an ottoman. Now, every time I sit here I think of YOU and YOUR MOUTH! What have you done to me? I am craving your warm, wet tongue just slipping in between each of my toes slowly. It would feel so delicious to feel your teeth scraping over my heel and my arch! I’m imagining just how much of my foot could you get into your mouth? With a lot of patience and time; I bet you could really get almost all of my toes in there! Would you enjoy being my ottoman while I’m in sessions? You’d have to be very quiet and keep the slurping to a minimum. Of course; in between calls is a different story entirely! I could really pump my foot into your mouth over and over and really pull out the most yummy squishy sounds from you! Oh this is so sexy to think about!

Let’s fantasize about this scenario when we have our next live chat/sexy texting session, email exchange or phone call!

It would be so naughty and sneaky!

My clients could never know that I was being worshiped while talking to them. It would be our little secret wouldn’t it? I think we would really have to work on communicating because if you do certain ‘things’ to me; I just might start moaning! For instance; if you take my big toe and wrap your mouth around it and suck! Oh my goodness that would really get me so turned on! I just love that feeling of having all of my toes sucked but especially my big toe. Your tongue just sliding over that sensitive skin. Mmmmmm oh it would drive me crazy! It would be so hard to keep quiet; for both of us! Kindof like being naughty voyeurs!

After A Workout?

Are you only into my clean feet? Do you love a shapely foot, painted toes and soft skin – but only freshly showered? Or, is there something really attractive about feet that have been in sneakers for a few hours? You know; I work out every day and my socks get SO wet and sweaty! Would you love it if I propped them up for you and you could take your time peeling my sneakers and socks off? I bet my feet would be so wrinkly and wet! I would totally let you adore them, lick my feet and worship them for me after a workout or a run my foot boy! That would feel so amazing and pampering!

I Might Want Your Mouth Elsewhere!

Remember what I said about….in between calls? Well, I just might enjoy your hot mouth so much that I may direct it elsewhere. Maybe up my legs; to my thighs. Perhaps it will be your lucky day and I’ll direct you even higher to worship! How you lick and suck on my toes will tell me everything I need to know about your oral skills! Maybe you don’t have a foot fetish; but an oral one! I’m super cool with that because I just happen to absolutely love being adored in every way! I’m gonna leave this phrase here to give you something to think about………….Foot Jobs! Let’s get together and explore this more! Don’t forget; I make custom erotic audios if you have a script idea around this or any other fantasy.